Who is Amelia?

Image Credit: stilskinstudios.com


From time to time, you may see posts from my dear friend Amelia.  There’s no easy way to describe Amelia but in short, she’s an alter ego that I bring in sometimes for comic relief and for more “controversial” subjects.

Amelia grew up as an aristocrat, she spent most of her life going to debutant balls and living in a plantation style mansion.  Sadly, her affluent years and lack of ever finding love made her quite bitter.  Amelia is quite frankly the opposite of myself, she speaks her mind, will tell you like it is, and doesn’t care who’s feelings she hurts.  She can come across rather crass from time to time (okay, most of the time) and desperately lives by the old creed “Misery loves company.”
Please keep in mind that Amelia posts are strictly for fun and no offense is intended by them, it’s just cool to have a little fun from time to time!  It’s good to laugh y’all!


Tell me what you think!

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