The 4 Leggers

The 4 Leggers

Sam is very dedicated to her friends and family, especially those with 4 legs.  If you read her blogs you will most likely hear a few of these names thrown around.







Showing her brother her "softer side"


Piper’s story is actually quite inspiring.  To read an entire detail of the account, click here.

The Queen

In short, Piper was the first dog Sam every owned by herself.  Yes, there were family pets her entire life but after she moved out and was trying to become independent, she decided to adopt a furry companion from the local human society.  Piper is growing older and more crotchety but she will always be queen of the house.  She prefers to spend her days lazing on the back of the  couch where the sun comes in through the windows.  She has her moments though and can spring to life in an instant.

With "Uncle" Cheech









Mama Sue

Mama Sue was also a rescue.  She came from Sam’s hometown during a yearly 4th of July visit.  (Sam’s family has run a fireworks stand in her dad’s front yard since she was 2 years old and she goes back every year to help out)  While she was down there this little neglected neighborhood stray stole her heart and found herself a ride to a new home.  Mama Sue is one of the sweetest dogs known to mankind but also an extremely protective watch dog.  Visitor’s are not always warmly welcomed in the home by Mama Sue until she knows for sure that she can trust them.





"It ain't easy being me"


















Enjoying his frist snowA face only a mother could love"Merry Christmas!"

You will probably hear this name more than anything in the blogs.  Not because Winston is her favorite but because Winston definitely has a mind of his own.  It takes a very special person to love this little bulldog, someone with a HUGE amount of patience.

Winston’s motto is, “If it’s not tied down, it’s mine for the taking, if it is tied down, it’s my duty to untie it and take it!”  He has managed to literally eat the house, literally.  Whether it’s carpet, mini blinds, window trim, clothing, and everything else within his reach, Winston will destroy it, and fast!  He may have a destructive personality but there is a softer side of Winston that few are fortunate enough to see.  Behind that hideously ugly mug is a sweet dog that just wants to be loved.







Best seat in the house!!!
Pretty in pinkCheyenne getting her winter coat

Cheyenne is Sam’s pride and joy.  She, like just about every other little girl, always dreamed of having a pony when she was growing up.  It took until her mid 20s but she finally accomplished her goal and got a horse of her own.  Cheyenne is the first horse that she ever bought and truly owned but she had the opportunity to care for two horses owned by a famliy member prior to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is a buckskin mustang mare who was wild caught  and eventually became a contestant in the “Extreme Mustang Challenge” where trainers transform wild horses into highly effiecient and desirable steeds.  She has an extremly gentle disposition and Sam has always referred to her as “The Best Horse on the Face of the Planet.”

Cheyenne and Stetson the day after his birth






Growing boy

When Sam bought Cheyenne, she didn’t know it at the time but she was actually getting a “two-for-one” deal.

In April of 2010 Cheyenne and another horse disappeared.  After searching for 3 days Sam came to the realization that she may never see her horse again.  Upon answering an ad in the paper for 3 found horses (even though only 2 were missing) she was pleasantly surprised to find not only Cheyenne and the other horse, but also a brand new baby colt.

Always gotta be into something

Stetson immediately brought new life to Sam’s world.  His spunky personality and dangerous curiosity keep her on the go constantly.  He is growing into an extremely handsome horse and it won’t be long before it’s time to break him.  Sam has never broke a horse but has plenty of friends and family that are capable of doing so and, with their help, is excited to get started in training her first colt!

Cheyenne and Stetson

3 thoughts on “The 4 Leggers

  1. aawww love the pink coat 😉 If only I could have had one like that when my mare was still alive, she would have been a real “pink lady” then 😉
    beautiful colt, by the way 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty sure it’s not quite that pretty anymore, they have a tendency to destroy those things ya know!

      Stetson is really filling out nicely, he will be 2 in April…can’t believe the way time has flown!!!

      1. haha my lady never destroyed her things 😉 she was such a girl… LOL
        oh then he is the same age as my Apocalipse, almost, mine will be two in july 🙂 time goes by so fast, I cant believe that I did not even know him two years ago, right now I cant imagine my life without him 😉

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