Long Lost Poem

I found this the other day while cleaning out my mom’s bedroom. I wrote this for her for Mother’s Day 2009.

We’re daughters and mothers
Together we will grow.
We give and take
And take and give
Along time’s endless row

Love is passed and love received
To be passed on again.
A timeless ritual
We accept with pride,
No reason to explain.

We stand together
Arm in arm,
Pulling each other through;
A million bridges,
We may burn, but never bid adieu.

Day after day,
And year after year,
Though life provides us pain;
We fight together
And both shine through
To alleviate all strain.

Fool us not
For we both know,
That it’s far from over yet.
But we are ready
To stand and fight;
Ready to win this bet.

For mothers and daughters
We may be,
Living together in love;
And daughters and mothers
We shall stay,
With a little help from above.

We will find that
Trials and tribulations
May paint the dusty road
And it may seem hard
To face that light,
But weakness will never show.

For we are one
You and I
Standing to brave this storm.
You made me
Who I am today,
And for that I’ll keep you warm.

And in the back
Of my mind,
I will secretly aspire;
That when I’m grown
I’ll be like you,
For it’s you that I admire.

From time to time,
We may pretend
That we get on each other’s nerves,
But we both know
Deep in our hearts,
That’s just how reality serves.

And now we see
The beaten road
Repaved with fresh new stone.
Be it known that together
We labored through,
Never leaving the other alone.

And as we take
The time to look back
Upon our fearless flight,
We can stand with pride
And power in our hearts,
Knowing we have one this fight

Time will come
And time will go,
Along Earth’s course it turns;
There will be ease
And there will be pain,
But the flame of life still burns.

Within our hearts
No matter what,
We will always be one.
No matter how many
Miles or leagues,
That bond will never be undone.

And keep in mind,
A maternal bond
Is a very hard thing to break.
Even harder still,
Comes the task at hand
Because it’s something you just can’t fake.

And from you
I have learned,
That life’s seemingly pointless chores
Are no more
Than tiny tests,
To prove my heart is molded from yours.

So may our love
Go on and on,
A hundred thousand years;
Mothers and daughters,
Daughters and mothers,
Through joys and other tears.


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