Four years ago, Cheyenne and my mom’s horse, Tip, disappeared.  We had no idea where they went, they just vanished.  A few days later, mom and I were eating breakfast and reading newspapers to see if anyone had found two horses.  Mom skimmed the ads and finally came across one that said:

“Found: Three horses, contact Johnson County Sheriffs Department.”

Since we had only lost two horses, mom almost dismissed it, but something in me said we should at least try; horses are social creatures after all, they may have picked up a straggler along the way.

I watched with anticipation as mom talked to the lady on the other end of the line.

“Yes, we lost a white appaloosa gelding, and a buckskin mare…”  Her eyes grew big.

“You did!?  That’s great!…..What?  Are you serious?”

I was confused by Mom’s expression, it was a mixture of happiness and surprise.  She hung up the phone.

“Well, the lady said ‘I think these are your horses, and we have a surprise for you, you have a brand new baby!'”

A brand new baby….

Happy Birthday Stetson!

Big boy’s growing up so fast…can’t wait until I can really work him!

Five years ago, I knew nothing about owning a horse.  I was excited when we went to the sale that day in May, and even more excited when my step dad, who had been around horses his entire life, and with whom I had trusted my money with to buy the right horse for me, started bidding.  I was a little nervous that he started bidding on the very horse out of the gate, there were so many, how could he know that was the right one?  But more than anything, I was excited when we WON the bid, and I became the owner of a beautiful buckskin (my absolute favorite color) mare.

5 years ago, I knew nothing about owning a horse….look at me now!

I will forever love this girl. I love Stetson…but I don’t think any horse out there can replace the attachment I have with her.

4 years ago….I knew NOTHING about raising a baby, but I was never given the chance to think about it.  Little did I know, that day that I bought Cheyenne that Stetson was already growing inside her.

So here we are…four years later and it makes my heart smile to say:



One of his very first baby pictures! Taking on the day we found them

After thinking about Stetson’s birthday, I got to thinking about 2010, the year he was born.  I remember, at the time, thinking that 2010 was one of the worst years of my life.  I don’t know why I ever thought that.

Just last weekend, the boy and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary together.  4 years….he came into my life in 2010.


In September, the infamous Winston will be 4 years old.  4 years….he came into my life in 2010.

He was so cute and sweet...when he was sleeping
He was so cute and sweet…when he was sleeping

And we’ve already addressed that Stetson just turned 4….he came into my life in 2010.

So, it seems 2010 was a pretty good year for me.  I gained three pretty awesome boys, and I wouldn’t take a million bucks for a single one of them….except…maybe…the boy.


3 thoughts on “2010

  1. Congratulations Stetson 🙂 Four years old, thats a huge day 🙂 And he is beautiful, and I am not just saying that because he looks like my Apocalipse 😉
    I love the picture where you are riding Cheyenne 😛
    She is really something, I am not jealous about her color at all….. *sigh*

    1. Haha…they really do look a lot alike… They’ve both grown into gorgeous boys!

      If you would have seen Cheyenne this morning you might change your mind… She was covered in mud and on top of that she’s shedding her coat and it was coming off in giant clumpy clods…it wasn’t very attractive!

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