Important Stuff!

Ber and I were talking this morning, she always wants to know where my blog is, she’s impatient. Anyways, she was asking my opinion on different topics and then we both decided that this might be a fun blog ideas.

Anyways, she gave me these topics to discuss, and I sat down this morning with my old friend, Amelia, and we decided to go head-to-head. I think you all will enjoy to see our point of view on some serious issues!



Amelia – Work sucks. There’s really not much more to say about it than that. I have to say though, I get really sick of hearing people complain about their jobs. You people work 5 days a week for 8 hours a day, then you go home to your families or whatever. Me? My job is being stuck inside this girls head, all day, every day, no break whatsoever. Try that one for size. And let me tell ya, it ain’t no pic nic inside this girl’s head. It’s so big and empty, I get lost just trying to find the bathroom!

Sam – I’m gonna take the high road, not because I feel like being a good person, but because I don’t want anything incriminating to be in black and white. I will say though, on my good days at work (like today has been so far) I love my job. I love doing what I love for a living. I love getting paid to write. It’s the best gig ever.



Amelia – Put everyone under the age of 30 in a bus and ship it off to the middle of the ocean. While you’re at it, take all the people with IQ’s lower than mine too. This world has bred itself into stupidity, the only logical solution is to snuff out all the dummies and start over again.

Sam – Ugh, are we really going here? Have I not made myself clear up to this point? Well, while I’m not going to be as harsh as Amelia when it comes to kids, they are NOT my favorite little people in the world. In fact, despite the fact that everyone, my entire life, has told me that as I get older my “biological clock” will start ticking, and I will actually want kids, I think I want kids less now than I did ten years ago. I just see how much trouble my friends with kids go through on a daily basis, and I can’t figure out why anyone would consciously do that to themselves!

I DO however, have this awesome blog idea about how I want to be pregnant…but that’s a story for another time.




Amelia – Have you ever tried to find a man when you are trapped inside someone else’s body? No? Didn’t think so!

Sam – Hmmm, well…umm…hmmm. Okay, without setting off too many alarm bells, and completely freaking “the boy” out, I’m just gonna come out and say it. I will be 32 years old in 5 months, I do, at some point in my life, want to be married before I leave this world. When I was little, it was my goal to do so by the time I was 30…I obviously screwed that up. I would be lying to myself, and everyone reading this if I told you I’m not kinda sorta starting to get that “itch”. However; I think there is more magic in the “idea” of getting married than the actual act itself. I want to be engaged for a long time, I want to tell people that I’m engaged and hear them say “congratulations”, because it doesn’t matter if you’ve been engaged for 30 years, people will still tell you congratulations. I like the magic that comes with knowing you are so committed to a person, that you are willing to devote the rest of your life to them. I hope that I’m one of the lucky few that gets married once, and never divorced; those people are a dying breed. Anyways, again, this isn’t my way of telling the boy that I want a ring or anything, my girl asked me to write about this, and I do what I’m told!


Free time

Amelia – Well, other that walking around in the expansive, dark void of this girl’s head, I occasionally like to play kickball. Not because I’m athletic, but because I like to kick the ball as hard as I possibly can, bouncing it off the inside of her brain.
Where else do you think headaches come from?

Sam – What the heck is free time? I leave my house every morning at 630 and don’t get home until well after dark. But I suppose part of that is considered my free time, because I spend the last part of my day doing something I love. Taking care of my horses. They are demanding, but I love them. I wouldn’t take anything in the world for them. I actually had someone offer me about 3 times what I thought Cheyenne was worth a couple weeks ago. While that made me feel good, the thought of letting her go off to live with anyone besides me is just too much to even think about, especially now that I’ve finally got them in a barn that I’m pleased with. I can see the way they interact with the other horses, and even just the way they walk around, they are happy. They have TONS of room to run, and play, and graze, and other horsey friends, they’re happy, and I wouldn’t take that away from them for anything.

Other than that, I like to spend my free time with my other kiddos, my smaller 4 leggers, Piper, Mama Sue, and even good old Winston!




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