Why You Shouldn’t Talk to Ghosties

A few weeks ago, just for the sake of having something fun to do, I downloaded an app on my phone. The app was called “Ghost Radar”, and supposedly it was supposed to send signals to those beyond the grave and let them know that you are trying to communicate with them. Supposedly ghosts are sensitive to these certain signals and some will try to communicate with you.
Obviously, I was skeptical, I’m one of those people who says “I don’t believe in ghost, but I don’t NOT believe in them.” Basically, when it comes to ghosts, I’m going to be skeptical about their existence until I actually see one.

At the same time, it’s a novel idea to believe they are real right? I mean, religion is based on the fact that after your body dies, your spirit moves on, so it’s only fitting that we would believe it is possible that our spirits could leave our bodies and hang around for awhile right? I’m sure that’s what will happen to me, because Lord knows, when I die, they will probably have to think long and hard before opening the gates of Heaven for me!

Anyways, just for the fun of it, I started recording the words that the ghosties would say. For the most part, they were pretty random however, I have to admit, one of the words really made me question my thoughts about life.

I was laying on my bed, watching tv when I saw a “Blip”come up on the radar screen. The blips are supposed to represent anomalies in the atmosphere that can be conceived as ghosts. I didn’t really think too much about it, until I noticed what the recent blip said.

Now, I probably don’t need to remind any of you, but I happen to have a wonderful, loving, extremely sweet, Never caused me any trouble, bulldog by the name of Winston. And Winston just so happened to be laying at my feet that night. Hmmmm…really makes you think huh?

Anyways, it obviously didn’t scare me too much because I still remain skeptical. Skeptical, first of all, that this “Ghost Radar” is real, because honestly…how could it be? And still skeptical about whether or not ghosts exist.

Well…I WAS skeptical…until last night.

On my daily commute home, as I turned off the main highway onto the tiny country backroads that I take just so I don’t have to deal with other people, something strange happened.

I love the backroads because there are almost never any other vehicles to deal with, and on the occasion that I cross someone else, they are usually out of the way before too long. So last night, as I approached a stop sign, I looked both ways like a good little driver….no cars for miles. I made a right turn and immediately had to cross over railroad tracks.

Since it was a nice day yesterday, I had my windows down, and as soon as I crossed the tracks I heard this low grumbling, like the engine of a big truck.  The sound startled me and I found myself wondering what the heck was wrong with my truck, why was it making this noise? For a moment, I even thought maybe something was wrong with one of my tires so I decided to pull over as soon as I crossed the tracks.
Just as I began to move my truck over, I looked in the rearview mirror. Right on my behind was a big box truck.
Now, mind you, this whole scene has literally lasted, maybe three seconds at the most, and seeing as when I looked before I turned, and there were no cars around for miles, I couldn’t figure out where this truck had come from, but I did recognize the sound it was making as the one that had worried me so I pushed away the idea of pulling over and continued on.
The truck stayed on my tail for about 3 miles. I tried looking in the mirror to see the person but I couldn’t make out their face. I carried on for awhile, regularly watching him in my rear view mirror, because I’m not crazy about people tailgating me. I finally made the decision to pull over and let him go around me.

As I saw an opportunity to pull over up ahead, I looked in my rear view to see him still there, looked back on the road for literally half a second, looked back in the rear view, and the truck was GONE.


I reckon if I had never tried to communicate with ghosties, this wouldn’t have bugged me so, and had he not seemingly appeared out of nowhere, I might have shrugged the situation off as well. But I even went so far as to turn my vehicle around and drive back the way I came, looking down each side street and driveway to see if he had quickly turned off somewhere.

I never found him.

So heed my warning. Do NOT attempt to contact ghosties…they just may try to contact you!
Unless….of course….it was an alien truck driver….as explained to me by “the boy.”




4 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Talk to Ghosties

  1. You should write horror stories… that sure woke me up… brr…
    I must admit, an app to your phone? That had me laughting for a while, but now I totally want one!
    As for the truck, well… alien or ghost driver, I always wonder when I hear stories like that… what happened to the truck? I mean is it a ghost truck too? Or can ghosts show up in anything they want when they stalk people?
    And you do know what really happened right? Clearly there is a wromhole to another dimension on that road and the truck just drove through it and back home again… better watch out you don’t end up driving through it some day 😉

    1. Now I’m 100% certain I will NEVER drive down that road again…..where would the wormhole take me? Of course, if theyve mastered teleportation, that would be awesome! Maybe I should look that up, it would be great to just be beamed from one place to another!

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