Johnny Appleseed Had Bad Grammar

I’m deviating from my normal schedule today, because honestly…what can you do with Johnny Appleseed Day?  I guess I could have drawn a big blue ox….I’m a MASTER artist after all.  Anyways, moving on.

I just read this story(Unfortunately from the moment that I started this blog, until now, the article has been taken down).  It’s a great, sweet story, but that’s not really what I’m blogging about today.  The problem is, I had a hard time reading this one, not because it was sad, because it kinda was, but because the grammar was horrendous! 

Now, I try to not be a grammar nazi, I really do, and Lord knows my Facebook posts need some help sometime.  But this story came from a professional publication.

I understand that editing errors occur, I work in the business, I work for a professional publication.  We are human, we miss things.  I would never claim to be perfect, I’m sure someone could pick out at least 50 mistakes of mine in this one blog post.  But the degree of which this article was grammatically incorrect was horrible.  Yet, no one remarked on it?

It just scares me to think, that we have gotten to the point where we accept bad grammar as something that is “okay”. 

Whatever, just needed my rant today! 

In an effort to beg your forgiveness…I bring you…a big blue ox.

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!



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