The Pigs in Texas have Thumbs!!!

I’ve been trying to come up with something for awhile now, to force me to blog on a regular occasion, and I came up with an idea about a month ago, with full intentions to start it on the first of March.  Little did I realize that the first of March was a Saturday, and weekends just aren’t good for me when it comes to blogging.


Anyways, I was reminded of this idea ON March 1st.  I wanted to start this project because the subject that occurred on that day was very special to me. So, without further ado, I want to introduce a new segment on my blog.


Bizarre US holidays.


Apparently, just about every day of the year has a holiday assigned to it, some of them have several.  So I’ve made it my mission to celebrate at least one of these holidays each day.  Now, some days have more than one holiday, and in those cases, I will pick my favorite (In other words, easiest one to write about) and blog about it.

Ok, here goes….catching up on the two days I missed.

March 1st.  National Pig Day



Anyone that’s known me for more than three minutes knows that I have an obsession with pigs.  Before I die, I WILL have a pet pig, there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it…it’s happening, get over it.  So in honor of National Pig day, I  bring you, the cutest pigs on the planet.

Who wouldn’t want a basket of piggies?
Little known fact…Pigs are alcoholics…and they start young!
Thankfully…there are law pigs to keep those drunken numbskulls in line…Stick em up pardner!

March 2nd.  Texas’ Independence Day.


So this one isn’t really funny or bizarre, but, being a native born Texan, and knowing that this state has the richest heritage in the country, I couldn’t trump it with its counterpart “Old Stuff Day.” 

I’d be willing to bet there’s not a single person in the country, and possibly throughout parts of the world, that has never heard the story of the Alamo.   For those of you who may have lived your lives under a rock, let me clue you in briefly.

The Alamo is probably the biggest celebrated failure ever.  At least, that’s how most people who don’t understand Texan pride see it.  Why in the world would you want to celebrate a losing battle when there are so many more victories that are nothing more than a footnote in Texas history?  

Well the truth is, yes, the Alamo was a huge loss, but it’s the character of those who participated in the battle that would forever set the standard for what being a Texan means.   About 200 men defended the Alamo, against an army of thousands,knowing full well what the outcome would be, yet they stood their ground and fought for something they believed in.

Anyways, I’m not going to give you all a history lesson, but I DID go to San Antonio a few weeks ago and walked by the Alamo.  I visited it when I was little, but was really too young to understand, so I wanted to at least see it, and remember it as an adult.

Source: my phone!!!

March 3rd.  If Pets Had Thumbs Day


Thankfully, when God was deciding which of the species would be dominant, He thought far enough ahead to make sure humans had something called “opposable thumbs.”  For whatever reason, he gave this feature to monkeys too, but that’s not important at the moment. 

But what if dogs, cats, horses, etc had thumbs?  Apparently today is the day you are supposed to imagine that your beloved companions are just as ambidextrous as the rest of us.

Let me begin by saying: Thank you LORD for not giving Winston opposable thumbs.  That little devil literally destroyed my house when he was a puppy, I can only imagine what he could have been capable of had he had an extra digit with which to participate in devious activities.  He could have done things like….light matches and burn the house down, carve a replica of Michelangelo’s David using shelves from the kitchen cabinets, or build a strategically placed fort in the middle of the living room and stockpile all the food in the house.

But, I suppose some good could have come from it, he could learn to feed himself, he could actually help with the laundry, and he could fill up his own dang water bowl instead of letting me know it is getting low by dumping a half empty bowl into my bed (this happened just last night as a matter of fact.)

No, no….let me get that for you mom!
Source: my mad skills at photoshop! HA!

And what about horses?  Oh good Lord, if Stetson had thumbs.  Stetson is the equine equivalent of Winston.  Why in the world do I always get the curious critters?  However, I can’t help but think…when he managed to get his head stuck in a fence panel the other day, thumbs may have come in somewhat handy.  Well, thumbs and some sort of brain! LOL

If I just had thumbs, this would never happen again….anyone got a stick of butter???

Anyways, another interesting side note…the recipe of the day is Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry…so sorry cows, I reckon if you had thumbs you could give a good hefty “thumbs down” to today’s official recipe. Unfortunately…it doesn’t look well for you though. 

At least the pigs are safe…


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