The Ghetto Queens (and Kings) Have Invaded Wal-Mart (Shocker! I know!)

I went to Wal-mart today at lunch.  My trips to Wal-Mart, this one in particular, are never devoid interesting situations.

I found a parking spot rather quickly, pulled in and turned the truck off.  Just before I started to get out, something caught my eye.  The car in front of me was backing out of its parking space.  Nothing exciting about that, except I noticed that, after they had emptied their shopping cart, they failed to replace it in those shopping cart return thingies(or at the very minimum move it to the side), and left it sitting directly behind their vehicle.  As they backed up, the cart was directly in their path.

I tried to honk my horn but, as it turns out, my poor little truck is just as ghetto as the neighborhood this Wal-Mart is in, and the horn doesn’t work.  So I watched helplessly, as the car backed into the cart.  He noticed it automatically, he stopped, looked in his rearview mirror and then shrugged his shoulders.

Now, any normal human being would calmly step out of their car, go behind it, and move the cart. 

Not this guy.

He proceeded to “bump” the cart with the back end of his car.  He would bump it, and then check his rearview mirror, then look around to see if anyone was watching…obviously I was invisible.  Then he would bump it again.  After about 20 bumps, the cart was now out in the middle of the parking lot.  Now he had to pull forward, only problem was…you guessed it…shopping cart in his way.  So, what do you think he did? Well, let me just say he didn’t get out of the car and move the cart.

As I was shaking my head and getting out of the truck, a man and a young boy, probably about 4 years old were walking towards the store.  I managed to overhear a brief conversation among the two.

Little Boy: (says something inaudible)

Man: Hell Naw!

Little Boy: What’s a Helnaw?

I laughed to myself, someone obviously learned a new word today.

Finally, I made my way in the store.  At the back of the store, I happened upon a confrontation between a lady and a gentleman who couldn’t speak English.

It started out as a joke.  The man had a baby in the cart and a package of diapers. 

Lady: You’re getting your baby some diapers?  You wanna buy my baby some diapers too?

Man: (again, he obviously isn’t fluent in English, but he tries to be nice) Oh? Yes, so?

Lady: Yes, so?  Did you just say yes, so?  Are you trying to say my baby isn’t good enough for pampers?

At this point the poor man starts backing away, he has no clue what the lady is saying but anyone can tell by the evil glare that she’s about to rip his head in two.  I don’t know how that one turned up, because I made it a point to get out of there quickly….I don’t like confrontations.  Sorry sir, you can call me a bad human being later if you like.

I finally made my way up to the front and started to check out.  Someone came up behind me in line, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it until I heard:

“Helnaw! Helnaw! Helnaw!”

I laughed to myself and went out to the truck, got in, and looked up just in time to see a car pulling in the spot in front of me…or…well…trying to, they had to get out of the car and move the shopping cart first. 


6 thoughts on “The Ghetto Queens (and Kings) Have Invaded Wal-Mart (Shocker! I know!)

  1. I can’t believe that guy just didn’t get out of his car to move the cart. Have we become that lazy as a nation? Yikes. To think he’d risk denting his car or causing an injury to someone walking by rather than just hoist himself out of the vehicle for a few seconds. Blows my mind.

    1. Haha, the very first comment to this on my Facebook page was from the boyfriend. “You really should find a SuperTarget, but then again, where would you find excitement like this?”

      I’m honestly not a fan of Target, not knocking them, but we have HEB by my house and I LOVE it! (Coincidentally it’s right across the street from Target) Unfortunately, where my office is, is very much considered the “ghetto” in Fort Worth, I don’t think a Target, or anything else for that matter would last very long, otherwise, I probably would shop somewhere else!

      1. Ha ha ha. Well up here in the suburban DC Maryland side Target is more popular. Closest Walmart to where I live is 20 miles. In fact, I think the first Walmart is about to open next month in DC. I’m not familiar with HEB.

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