Please Don’t Poke the Ghetto Queen

There are all types of people in this world, it’s what makes life so interesting.  That being said, when you come into contact with, or witness an altercation with one of those less-than-desirable types, it makes you sit back and think.

I decided to go out for lunch today, I normally bring my lunch or eat something in the work fridge, but considering it’s pay day, and I haven’t had “bad for me fast food” in quite awhile, I decided to make a run for one of my favorite taco places. 

My first interaction with the “ghetto queen” happened as soon as I was trying to pull in the parking lot.  She was coming from the oppsosite direction, and rather than wait for me to turn since I had the right of way, she whipped in front of me causing me to slam on my brakes. 

I have a huge coke stain in my floorboard now…thanks ghetto queen.

Anyways, as I pulled through the drive-thru, she, of course, was in front of me.  There was no one in line so she was the only one in front of me.  She eased up to the speaker box and stopped about ten feet short of it, and sat, and sat, and sat.  She finally pulled closer to where it would trigger the person inside to take her order.

Problem was, she still had her window rolled up.  We sat there endlessly, her window up and I could hear the speaker box continuously persist, “Please order when ready…..please order when ready…..hello???….I can take your order when you are ready…”  Finally, she rolled her window down and screamed at the top of her lungs.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure they heard her in the next county.

“Hey! Umm…..yeah…ummm, can I  ummmm….get…ummm…three tacos, with lots of hot sauce?”

“will that be it?”

“Yeah, that’s it…and I also need a taco salad with ranch”

Someone obviously doesn’t comprehend what “Yeah, that’s it” means.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have ranch”

“What?  Oh whatever, just give me another taco.”

“Okay, that will be $XX.XX”

“Did you get the hot sauce?”

“Yes ma’am, lots of hot sauce.”

She finally pulls up and I place my order.  After finishing my order, I pulled up behind her, window still down so I could hear the entire conversation.

The cashier handed her a bag of food, and immediately, without looking in the bag, ghetto queen retorts:

“I TOLD you lots of hot sauce!  There ain’t no damn hot sauce in here.  How hard is it to understand?  LOTS OF HOT SAUCE!!!”

“Ma’am, I put two hand fulls of hot sauce in the bag, are you sure it’s not there?”

“Don’t get sassy with me! Give me more hot sauce.”

The girl gives her another generous handful of hot sauce.

“That’s not enough…more!”

“Ma’am, I’ve already given you way more than I’m supposed to, if you want more you’ll have to pay for it.”

Wrong answer.

“Like hell I do!  I’m not paying for nothing!”

At this point, she swings open her door, banging it on the drive thru window.  She comes out of the car, arms flailing.  I couldn’t help but notice she was in pajamas and house shoes.

“Ma’am, I can’t give you anymore hot sauce, if you would like to discuss this with my manager, please pull forward so we can assist other customers.”

At this point she turns and looks at me.  Great…how the heck did I get drug into this one?

She turns her attention back to the cashier. 

“I ain’t going nowhere until you give me some hot sauce.”

The girl finally gives in and hands her another handful, hoping it will appease the lady.

“What is wrong with you?  When I say A LOT of hot sauce, I want A LOT.”

Wait a minute….so this woman has already been given about 300 packets of hot sauce, for her FOUR tacos, and it’s not enough?

At this point, she starts throwing a classic temper tantrum, arms flailing, feet stomping, the whole thing. 

“Whatever, I’m just gonna go inside and get my OWN hot sauce!  F this!”

Finally the manager came out, and told her that he would give her one more handful of hot sauce and then she needed to leave.  I’m not sure what else was said between the two, but she finally agreed to the arrangement.   But not before one final jab at the cashier:

“What is wrong with people these days?  Can’t get no damn good customer service any damn place I go!”

Have you ever stopped to think that if you get bad customer service EVERYWHERE you go, maybe it’s because you’re a bad customer?  Obviously if you treat everyone like you did this poor girl, you’re bound to get crappy service from time to time.

Whatever, she finally pulled out of my way, I paid for my food, and was on my way again, only to find that, sitting at the exit was… guessed it…ghetto queen.  I sat in my car behind her for some time as I watched as absolutely no cars came from any direction.  I finally just tried to go around her, which obviously pissed her off because she rolled her window down and threw a handful of hot sauce packets at me….well, at least now we know what she needed all that hot sauce for. 





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