The Worst Words You Can Tell a Horse Owner (Besides Colic of Course!)

So, we had some excitement this weekend, and I don’t mean the good kind!  Considering the time change yesterday, I woke up rather early, earlier than normal since I’m a pretty early riser to begin with.  I decided to get on the computer for a little while, since no one else was up yet, and played on Facebook and did a couple other things.  Then I decided that since it was still rather brisk outside, it would be the perfect time to go for a walk.  I went and changed clothes and picked my phone up, because if I’m going to walk by myself at that time of day, I want to have some form of communication.

I checked my phone to see what time it was and noticed that I had a missed call and voicemail from the gentleman where I’m keeping the horses.  

“Hey Sammy?  Yeah, the barn is on fire, I think the horses are okay but I don’t really know where they are.  Gotta go, someone’s at the door!”

Okay, first off, for those of you who aren’t familiar with horses, I don’t want to say that they are dumb creatures, because my kiddos have proven that statement to be false on a number of occasions, but when it comes to fire, they don’t really know what to do.  I guess if you look at it from their perspective, it makes sense.  Young children don’t understand what fire is, they just know that something’s not right, and usually understand that it’s something that can hurt them.  With horses, I’ve heard stories of them panicking to the point where they will actually run straight into the fire, just because they are trying to figure out how to make it go away.  May not sound like the most logically reasoning to us, but horses just want whatever is putting pressure on them to go away.  This is no news to us, in fact, a lot of horse training methods are based around a “pressure and release” type method.

Anyways, the words “barn fire” strike fear in the hearts of horse owners, just as I’m sure it would anyone else had they heard a loved one’s house is on fire.  So I hopped in my truck and frantically drove to the barn.

When I got there, there were about three firetrucks and I saw this:


Heartbreaking, just knowing what was there before.  My heart sunk even lower when I realized the horses were nowhere in sight.  Luckily, one of the fireman, obviously seeing the despair on my face, came up to me and said, “Yeah, when we got here, I didn’t see horses anywhere, I was scared that they were in there, but after we got in I saw three of them, they took off that way”

Since there’s just three horses in the barn, my two and the property owner’s, I instantly went from terror into rescue mode.  I walked down the street, saw that the people who lived there had caught their horse, and looked up just in time to see Stetson and Cheyenne fleeing down the road in a panicked frenzy.  Cheyenne, I love her to death, but she still has that mustang sprit, and when she finds freedom, she is a royal pain to catch! Long story short, after about an hour, and making up for that walk that I missed out on, they finally trapped themselves in a yard that was fenced all the way around, I was able to come in after them, close the gate, and catch both of them.

Anyways, the point is…all of the horses are fine, they were still a little skiddish when I left, but I’m hoping the psychological effects won’t last long.  They are visiting a neighbor horse down the street, whose dad was so kind as to offer his pasture until we can get the clean up process finished and make the pasture horse safe again!  It’s going to take awhile, but it could always be worse, what is really scary, and you can see this in some of the pictures, there were several LARGE propane tanks located near the barn, thankfully those didn’t ignite, otherwise, I would be telling a MUCH sadder story today!

We are still waiting for the Fire Marshall to finish his investigation, which means we can’t really START clean up for a couple days.  So we don’t know for sure what started the fire, but we have some serious suspicions, everything leads us to believe that it was intentionally set, and we are pretty sure we have a good idea of the prime suspect.  If this person DID start the fire, all I can say is, he’s lucky my kids weren’t hurt in the process!

Anyways…here’s some more pictures of the aftermath, I wish I had before pics for comparison, but I haven’t found any.

You can kinda get the idea from the posts where the barn should have been, however some of the posts were knocked down when they hit them with the firetrucks
This used to be a storage shed, a lot of stuff was lost
This is what’s left of the barns metal roof
As you can see, the barn was pretty much leveled….sooooo glad my kids weren’t in there!




9 thoughts on “The Worst Words You Can Tell a Horse Owner (Besides Colic of Course!)

    1. Yes, I was driving like a mad hornet to the barn yesterday morning! My horses are my kiddos! I hugged them for a very long time after we got them calmed down and everything under control!

  1. Oh my… I really do believe that “the barn is on fire” beats colic… That is every horse owners worst fear… I am so gald your horses are okay, that must have been horrible! I don’t know what to say, I’d still be freaking out if it were me…

    1. I checked on them yesterday and I really hope we are able to get a barn built back up soon. I’m thankful for the neighbor, but at the same time, where they are there really is no shelter. When I went out there yesterday it was raining and they were soaked, I felt horrible for them but thankfully it hasn’t gotten too cold here yet. I was contemplating getting them blankets, despite the fact that they rip them to shreds lol. Now I guess I have more reason to do so. I’m just glad it didn’t turn out worse than it did. The barn was located pretty close to the people’s house, thankfully the wind was blowing the other direction and didn’t catch their house!

      1. Nuur… it’s never easy, to see your horse getting soaked, but I’d still be thrilled that they were alive and well, even if they don’t think they are well 😉
        Blankets are an easy solution, and my horses don’t tear them up when it’s raining… they kindly wait until the sun comes out, then they attack their blankets, so it’s all about timing 😉

      2. Haha….well Stetson has never had a blanket, it really hasn’t gotten cold enough here the last couple years. Well, that’s a lie, last year it got rather cool, but I was working on the ranch at the time and they were living the posh life, in a heated barn and turn outs. Cheyenne is ok with her blankets, if I just had her, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but I know Mr. Curiosity will be yanking her all over the place by that blanket! I’ll probably get them some, I’ve just gotta convince myself that I WANT to pay for them!

      3. You know…my stupid brain didn’t even think about that…I could always find a local tack sale, they usually have some pretty good used stuff…thanks for making me feel like a moron now! haha..j/k

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