Just Call Me Macgyver-ette

Growing up, my father was pretty tight with money, still is for that matter.  But anytime something broke, instead of fixing it properly, he would “rig” things so that they weren’t fixed, but still worked well enough to serve a purpose.  As much as I hate it, I guess I kind of picked up on this trait.  Not necessarily because I’m trying to save money, but really just because that’s the way things were always done, and that’s how I was taught things should be.

I guess it’s good to an extent, I’ve become quite resourceful.  I can fix just about anything with duct tape or baling wire…but it’s not pretty.

So today, when I went to feed the horses, I knocked on the door of the people who live there.  The horses are just about out of hay and since they have a horse there as well, and a truck much more capable of hauling hay than mine, they usually pick the hay up.  When I knocked, no one answered.

Let me back up real quick.  A few days ago, I erased all the numbers out of my call log.  No big deal at the time, but today I realized that when I did this, I accidentally erased the record of the last time the people where the horses are called me.  And because I’m dumb, I never actually saved their number in my phone, so I had no way of calling them to tell them I had been by to bring them money for hay.  I wanted them to know that I had the money so they would go tomorrow and pick it up, because the horses are going to need it pretty darn quick, and we have rain coming in.  So, I decided to leave them a note on the door.

Brilliant plan right?  Except…I didn’t have a pen.  Luckily I DID have my notepad in the car so I began the frantic search for a pen.  Nothing.  I sat there for a minute and thought, maybe if I sat there long enough they would show up.  Unfortunately, I can be a bit impatient sometimes.  I searched around for a pen again, knowing full well that one did not exist.  Finally, I came across my makeup bag.  I opened it, thinking maybe there was a pencil eyeliner in there.  Not the optimal writing utensil, but it would do the job.  Of course, I didn’t have one of those either.  I did, however, have mascara.

Yes, I used mascara to write a note….


Hey…it works!

So this got me to thinking about all of the other “resourceful” things I’ve done in my past.

  • One time, the heel of my boot came off, and instead of buying new boots, I just tied the heel on with baling wire
  • I lost a lot of weight at my old job, but didn’t really have the time or money to go out and buy a lot of new clothes.  My jeans got to the point where they would literally fall off while I was walking.  Rather than go to the store and buy a cheap belt, I would tie baling twine around my waist
  • The head on my pitchfork came off the handle.  Instead of just buying a new head for like 5 bucks, I put it back on with duct tape.
  • When my hair ties break, I just tie the ends together in a knot and put them back in my hair
  • The cotter pin in the wheel of a trailer I was using came out and the wheel fell off the trailer.  I stuck a nail through the hole where the cotter pin went, and tied baling wire(I told you I could use baling wire for anything) around the nail to keep it from falling out

These are probably things I shouldn’t admit…but I reckon it’s too late now.

Hmmm….I sound pretty cheap now don’t I?


3 thoughts on “Just Call Me Macgyver-ette

    1. I have horrors about bobby pins. I remember my mom putting those things in my hair and they hurt so freaking bad! Two sided tape is pretty freaking awesome too though!!!

  1. Let’s be honest, everyone knows, if you can’t fix it with baling wire or duct tape, it’s not worth fixing 😉 I think i’ve done just about all of the things on your list above… although I usually fix my shoes with duct tape, not baling wire, but maybe I should try it 😛

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