I used to live really, really close to a train track.  So close that, on occassion, the walls would shake when the train went by.  My proximity to the tracks wasn’t what bothered me though, it was the frequency of the trains, and the fact that I had to cross the tracks to get anywhere.  On top of that, the trains that went over those tracks were the longest trains in the world, it’s a fact, I looked it up on the internet, and we all know the internet never lies.

Anyways, I was happy when I moved, ironically, I was still fairly close to a set of tracks, but not nearly as close, and it didn’t really matter because I found a road that went under the tracks.  What a concept!  So my long, painful, rocky relationship with trains was over.  Or so I thought.

So I’m staying with my parents for awhile, they don’t live near any train tracks, but in order to get to where the horses are, I have to cross some.  Yesterday, I got stuck at the crossing while the train STOPPED, then proceeded to back up a few feet, and pull forward a little, then back up some more.

How is this legal?  Seriously.  What if you are having a heart attack and the ambulance is not able to get to you because the freaking train is stopped on the tracks, and you die!

I get it, trains have to stop occasionally and switch tracks, or whatever it is that they are doing while they are doing the bunny hop on the tracks, but isn’t there some better way to handle this?  And honestly, that’s not what my beef is.

What I’m complaining about is, the fact that trains seem to be chasing me down.  It’s like the train mafia godfather has a hit out on me, and he’s just biding his time until he finally pops me.  Until then, he’s just having a bit of fun.

Ugh, I guess I just have to live with the fact that trains are far more attracted to me, than I to them.  Anyways, while this blog was bouncing around in my head, a friend posted this video on her Facebook, and I found it rather relevant.

I have to say, though the message may be slightly morbid, as far as deaths go, these have to be the cutest, most amusing portrayals I’ve seen yet!

Side note…sorry for not blogging much lately, it’s been a freakishly crazy last couple of weeks.  Maybe things will straighten out…eventually.


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