Boy Words: Volume 5

Today’s Boy Word: Old Peculier ( I know, technically two, but think of it as a 2 for 1 type thing)

I’ve said this before but, I’m not a huge beer drinker, but after knowing the boy, I have come around a little bit and refined my palatte, slightly. 

Old Peculier is the boy’s favorite beer.  I think mainly because of his fascination, and infatuation, with everything British.  But also because it IS pretty good beer.   A few weeks ago, the boy sent me home with a couple bottles of beer, he even managed to part with one of his precious “Old P’s” in order to let me partake in the refreshment.  

True to form, the beers sat in my fridge for awhile, but because of the craziness I’ve experience this week, I had already made a decision to drink one of them.  When the boy sent me today’s “boy word” there was no question as to which one I would be enjoying tonight. 

Without further ado, I crack open my Old P and begin today’s installment of “boy words.”


So, Old P.  Since I’m no connoisseur, I referred to the good ole internet for references as to how to describe this ale.

Appearance:  Pours dark brown with chunky lacing

Chunky lacing?  Okay, so this is probably where I show just how little I know about beer.  First of all, chunky is not a very positive word in my book.  I’m chunky.  I know that chunky is just a cute way of saying someone is fat. So in short, I’m drinking a dark, fat, lacey beer. Do you want one yet?

Aroma: Malty, dried figs, dates, and toffee

Umm, I’m holding it up to my nose as we speak, and all I smell is beer.  How do these people distinguish different smells?  Better yet, what the heck do dried figs smell like?  Am I just that uncultured?

Taste: Malty and creamy on start; roasted grains in the middle; semi-sweet nutty finish; well balanced; excellent taste 

Oh, oh, oh…this is the best part of the research..I finally get to drink it!  So, I’m a little confused about the whole, start, middle, finish thing.  I never knew tasting beer was so complicated.  I thought the purpose of drinking beer was to relax, unwind, enjoy yourself. 

Feel: Full creamy mouthfeel (chewy as mentioned) with very low carbonation, just a hint of it on the tongue

If there’s something chewy in my beer, I’m spitting it out.  That ain’t supposed to be there…what the heck does a chewy beer taste like?


Hmmm, well, that wasn’t exactly an overly appetizing sounding review now was it?  Well, take my word for it, it’s actually pretty darn good stuff.




Tell me what you think!

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