My Phone: The Social Butterfly

I need a new phone.

It has been doing random, crazy things lately.  I don’t know how many people I have accidentally called in the last few weeks, but apparently my phone likes talking way more than I do.  It also likes to send random, very random, text messages to people, mostly the boy.  Thankfully he has come to accept these texts as everyday life.  And when I say random, I mean this:

Say Whaaaa?

It’s become a running joke, that aliens are trying to communicate with us.

Yesterday, however, it tried a new prank.

While taking a break from work, I sat down and checked Facebook from my phone.  Normally a pretty mundane task that I do on a daily basis, but this time I saw this:


I’ll admit it,I get excited when I see that I have notifications, it may be silly but it makes my heart smile when my friends “like” or comment on things that I’ve posted, after all, that’s kind of the point of Facebook right?

So I “clicked” on the notification link which told me that three people had accepted my friends request.

Ummm…first of all, I didn’t remember sending out any friends requests, secondly, I had never heard of two of the names in my life.  One of them, as it turned out, was someone that I knew from school all those years ago, so I was okay with that.

I have a couple problems with this.  For one, I don’t like to add friends to my Facebook if they’re not really my friends.  I get annoyed with half of my friends posts in the first place, I don’t need anymore drama than I already have, especially from people I don’t even know.  Furthermore, why are random people accepting my requests in the first place?

I guess I should be flattered, I guess I’m just THAT cool, everyone wants to know me, to hang out with me, I AM pretty awesome!

Or….maybe they just feel bad for denying friends requests.  They probably think I’m some sad soul, out searching for new friends, and they feel bad for me.  They probably think that I will jump off a bridge if they don’t accept my friends request, and who wants to be held accountable for that.

Whatever the reason may be, I’m sorry new friends, I’ve already deleted you from my list.  I know, I know, it was short lived, but I feel like I gained something wonderful from our relationship.  I never would have seen the coolest profile picture EVER.  Who knew that one person could stuff 5 billion drinking straws in their nose?

I probably should have kept that guy, he would have been great to have at parties.


3 thoughts on “My Phone: The Social Butterfly

  1. ah, you deleted a guy with such talent? shame… you are going to regret it, now you won’t be able to follow him and see what he comes up with next… 😛
    I have a lot of freinds, I don’t have a clue who is, I got about 100 new friends when I posted those pictures from the Danish Cahmpionship, and suddenly found myself in the middle of the anti rollkur movement, a place where I had never imagined I would be…

    some of them, I actually talk to, some of them are quite nice and sensible people, but to tell you the truth, a lot of them are fanatics… I already came to blows with a lot of them and deleted them again 😛

    and then I have about 200 HIM fans as my friends, apparently we are one big happy family… which is kind of funny, because I can mannage the Danish street team without ever doing anything, I just got to scrol through my news feed and get all the information I need from all of my friends drowning me in updates… 😛
    sadly, the one thing that have not earned me too many friends yet, is my writing 😛

    1. I’m already regretting cutting straw dude loose, he could have been great for a few laughs! I have a few friends that I might not know in real life, but we have things in common, I’m okay with that, it just amuses me that people will accept a friends request from any old stranger out there for no apparent reason!

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