Poodle-Hoppers, Anyone?

A few years ago, people thought it would be a cute idea to start mixing different breeds of dogs and labeling them designer dogs.  You know the ones I’m talking about, you’ve got your malti-poos, yorki-poos, labradoodles…apparently mixing anything with a poodle makes for an amusing combination.

I’ve never been a big fan of the idea, in my mind, these mixed breeds have existed by themselves without human influence.  They live on the streets and in shelters, just waiting to die.

Well that sounded a little morbid now didn’t it?

Honestly though, I’ve always been a strong advocate for adopting rescue dogs.  Two of mine are rescues, and the only reason I have Winston, a pure breed, is because he was a Christmas present from my parents.  I don’t know for sure what Piper and Mama Sue are, but I can make an educated guess.

So, following in the form of the designer “breeds”, I have Piper, a schipperke/dachshund mix, otherwise known to no one but me as a “skipping weenie” and Mama Sue, a corgi/basset hound, or “bassorgi” or maybe a “corget”?

Anyways, I was bored last night (which usually means trouble) and I was perusing ads on Craigslist.  One ad, in particular, caught my eye.

“I am looking for a miniature teacup chihuahua.  Not just a miniature chihuahua, and not just a teacup chihuahua, these are smaller.  A friend of mine has one but the breeder she got hers from no longer breeds.  Does anyone know where I can find one of these cute little dogs?”

Yes, I admit it, it's cute...but still.... Source: train-your-dog-at-home.com
Yes, I admit it, it’s cute…but still….
Source: train-your-dog-at-home.com

A miniature teacup chihuahua?  Umm, hello!  We already have those, they’re called rats!

Hey!  I'm cute too! Source: cutestpaw.com
Hey! I’m cute too!
Source: cutestpaw.com

Seriously though, how small do we have to breed these things before you accidentally inhale one while eating your breakfast cereal?  Is there any reason that a regular sized chihuahua isn’t already small enough?  I used to see those things at the dog park and would have to consciously tell myself they weren’t ants, and I shouldn’t stomp on them.

There’s an over abundance of grasshoppers running around my house, maybe I should catch them and market them as micro mini teeny tiny itty bitty teacup hairless chihuahuas.

Oh wait…I forgot to add the poodle in there, it’s nothing without the poodle.


3 thoughts on “Poodle-Hoppers, Anyone?

  1. hehe I must say… something happens to their brains, the smaller they get…. 😛 At least that goes for miniature horses… most of them are really not that clever, just hysterical little balls of fur, looking cute at a distance….
    My mom just got a mexican hairless- with hair- but thats a tiny dog too…. (she bought him “used” from a family that didn’t want him anymore…) he really isn’t all that smart either… 😛

    I don’t know, it’s a bit of a shame, that some people want them to be so small… with the horses it’s a real problem, because lots of the foals – and the mares- dies in delivery, the foals simply being too big to be born, half the time, because the mare ended up being unnaturally small…
    I worked at a miniature stud for three years, we had one surviving foal each year- the very best year we had two- the others didn’t make it, and we lost a mare as well, with a torn pelvic…

    1. You know, I thought about saying something to this effect. That the more and more you manipulate breeding in any animal, you start having trouble. Even if you aren’t going for smaller, but just a certain look. It just annoys me that humans are never happy with the things we already have, we always want something just a little different. And don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of this from time to time too, if someone came up to me today and said “Hey, I’ve got a mini pig, do you want it?” you better believe I would take it in a heartbeat. Those darn mini horses ARE freaking adorable, I drive by a mini farm almost everyday and think, “If I could just put one of those in my backyard, no one would notice right?” I’ve heard that they have issues during birth, but I never knew the death rate was that high, that would be enough for me to give up breeding them all together!

      1. they are adorable to look at yes 😉 not so much, to work with…. 😛 the stallion we had, had spunk, I really liked him, but all the mares, were furry little bithces most of the time 😉
        and maybe we were just a very unlucky stable, I don’t know, but it sure put me off breeding them…
        still, I do wonder everytime I see one of those small ones… it could fit right in, and the foal would love playing with it, right?
        they are just so cute… to look at 😉

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