Boy Words: Volume 3

Today’s boy word: Valkyrie

Right, so let me just begin by saying, when I write blogs, it’s usually about something that I know pretty well and I really don’t have to research anything, I just talk about what I know.  I also never have the need to drink a beer in order to properly put a blog together.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy today’s well researched, drunken blog!

By definition, a Valkyrie is a figure from Norse mythology.  A feminine being responsible for deciding which soldiers in war will die, and which will live.

So in short, a Valkyrie is some chick with a thousand warrior boyfriends who kills them off when she’s tired with them.  End of blog…that was easy!….NOT!

Since I’ve known this boy for over three years now, I know that when he sent me this boy word today, he was not reminiscing about something he learned in high school history.  Nope, I knew he meant this:

The boys extensive, and somewhat cramped in my opinion, collection of valkyries and other macross....stuff. Source: an email from the boy
The boys extensive, and somewhat cramped in my opinion, collection of valkyries and other macross….stuff.
Source: an email from the boy

Wait…that’s a transformer right?  I used to LOVE that show when I was little!  I even had a few transformers of my own, yes, I was a tom boy.  This is easy, I can write a blog about all the fun cartoons I used to get up early on Saturday morning to watch, easy peasy!


Again, because I’ve known this boy for over three years now, I know that that most definitely is NOT a transformer, and saying so will get you in the fast lane to de-humanization.

So if a Valkyrie isn’t a war goddess, and it’s not a transformer, what the heck is it?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for your first crash course in “Nerdiness 101″…you might wanna go ahead and grab a beer for this one.


This slanty eyed dude (that’s not politically correct is it?) is Shoji Kawamori.  In 1982 (Hey!  That’s when I was born!) he created Macross, basically science fiction anime.

In this series, there is a group jet fighters that are able to transform from jets into giant, human-like robots.

The first Valkyrie was the VF-1 Valkyrie, which was made using something called overtechnology (whatever that is) from the alien spaceship SDF-1 Macross.

Are y’all bored yet?  Well grab another beer because the boy is so excited about this blog, he has sent me multiple things to research…we’re gonna be here for awhile folks.

So, the main point of the Valkyries is that they can transform.  This feature is so cool that there are actually names for each position they form into.  The robot, like this one:


is called a Battroid. From robot form, the Valkyrie can transform either into a jet fighter, or something in between called Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-Joint).  Say that three times fast!  Fortunately, you don’t have to, because this is also known as Gerwalk.

Awww look!  It has a hand!
Awww look! It has a hand!

So, the whole point of these guys is to fight aliens.  I probably could have just said “A Valkyrie is a robot/jet fighter thingy that fights aliens” and been done with the blog, but being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I threw the reputation of my blog (yeah, like there is one) in the fire and tried to do a little justice to today’s installment of boy words.

I don’t really feel like I explained anything though…sorry boy.



5 thoughts on “Boy Words: Volume 3

  1. hehe I learned something today… 😛 Here I was, thinking that I knew what a Valkyrie was, we even bloody used it in our music video… I should have known this sooner 😛 Now I may have called my boyfriends mother a robot that kills aliens… wups… 😛

  2. Not bad at all! You’ve got the facts basically all there. Would love to hear what you think about these “Valkyries” though

    1. I’ve learned to accept them as a part of my life. I’ve come along quite a bit from when we first met, I hated everything to do with science fiction of any sort, but one by one he’s changed my outlook on things, I’m still a work in progress! I would be more open to learning about the anime stuff if I didn’t have to read subtitles…that’s just exhausting!

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