Jumping Horses

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have two horses, whom I love dearly.  I try not to talk about them or my dogs too much here because I could pretty much write 10,000 words in the span of a minute, and who wants to read that nonsense sort of ramble?

Anyways, I ride western.  Western horses are expected to be good trail horses, work cattle, and be agile.

Western horses are not expected to be big jumpers.

I’ve been on a couple of trail rides with Cheyenne, where we might have to jump over a large log or rail, which she usually does without too much persuasion from me, she’s a pretty good trail horse in that respect.  But I’ve never had the need to jump over a 5 foot fence, and she’s never been trained, by me at least, to jump over anything, and Stetson pretty much hasn’t been trained to do anything, because I’m lazy.

That doesn’t mean they don’t know how to jump though, as I found out the hard way last night.

At about 830 last night, I was sitting on my couch, watching TV, when my phone rang.  It was one of the clients, oddly enough I had JUST given her my number that morning.  I answered it and she said to me “Hey, Sam?  There’s a buckskin and a bay just hanging out behind the arena, are they supposed to be out there?”

The words “buckskin” and “bay” immediately caused me to respond with a heavy sigh, there’s only two horses that could be, Stetson and Cheyenne.

I wasn’t too worried about Stetson, in fact, I walked right up to him without a lead, and he followed me, no problems, until Cheyenne got it in her thick head that it was time to run around like an idiot, at which point Stetson decided to follow.

Away they went, around my house, up one side of the property, down the other, until finally they found the driveway and started booking it.  They got to the main road, made a left and hit full speed.  I never knew my horses could move so fast.  They got to the stop sign at the end of the road and, as if they knew what it meant, came to a complete stop and turned around.

By this point, one of the other clients who was out riding her horse rode up to help.  Now, picture this, a tiny young woman, riding a Shire (which for those of you who don’t know are HUGE horses and not really known for their speed and agility) trying to corral my two horses in an area where we could catch them.  I have to give credit to that Shire, she kept up with them almost as well as a professionally trained cutting horse.  Looking back on it now, it was actually a pretty comical sight.

So we finally got them calmed down, and I was able to put a lead on Stetson.  I never was worried about this, I knew once we got them to slow down we could catch him.

Cheyenne is a different story.  I love this girl to pieces, but she is infamous for taking advantage of her freedom, must be the wild spirit in her.  Thankfully, she is so attached to her son that I was able to lead him back to his stall and she simply followed and walked right in hers.

The funny thing about this situation is, I have no idea how they got out.  They were turned out in the pasture.  Every single gate on the pasture was closed, and the fence around it is probably at least 4 ft tall.  I’ve never seen either one of them jump, but that is the only logical explanation I can work out.

So I guess until I figure something out, my two kiddos are on stall rest for a few days, which I hate however, it’s a rainy day here, so I guess at least they will stay dry!



3 thoughts on “Jumping Horses

    1. I forgot about the zombie mice! How could I forget that? That’s exactly what happened!

      And thanks, yeah, he’s a little stinker too…but for some reason, I love him!

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