Boy Words: Volume 2

I meant to post this last night but my computer was being ridiculous and wouldn’t let me do anything last night…so here it is!

Today’s boy word: Stig

Every once in awhile I am stopped by people who are curious what this sticker on the back of my car means:


For awhile, it was rather hard to explain.  Unless you were a regular watcher of programs on the BBC, you probably never would have heard of the show Top Gear. Fortunately, a little while back, America decided to capitalize on the success of this show and create and American version, making it slightly easier for me to explain, because at least SOME people had at seen it while others had at least seen commercials for it.

However, you can rarely upstage the original version of anything, and while I actually like the American version, this statement is true, the British have absolutely cornered the market on hilarious car shows.

Yes, it’s a car show.  No, that’s not normally something that I would waste my time watching but I have to say, it still remains one of my favorite series ever.  In fact, I’ve gone awhile without seeing it due to the fact that I pretty much refuse to pay for TV service, seeing as I never use it, but the boy let me borrow a couple seasons that I missed, and I had no idea just how much I had missed this show.  It’s not your average car show, at all.  They do crazy funny things, they do things that you would never dream of doing in a car, they do things like this: (I’ve never embedded a video…hopefully this works!)

Anyways, back to the point. The word is Stig, get back on subject Sam.

Some say that his heart is in upside down, and that his teeth glow in the dark…all we know is, he’s called the Stig.

You might have noticed a cameo performance by the Stig in the posted video.  He was the “referee”.  Anyways, the Stig is a secretive member of the cast, his identity is never revealed, and he never speaks.  From time to time, they lead the audience to believe that he isn’t a human at all, but rather a species all his own.

In reality, the Stig is a professional driver.  Someone who tests out all of the new super cars that they review on the show, drives them around the test track and sets credible records for the fastest these cars can go.

So there you have it.  The elusiveness of my windshield sticker has been revealed, thanks to this weeks episode of Boy Words!



2 thoughts on “Boy Words: Volume 2

  1. what the… you are the stig????
    Okay, I never saw that one coming 😉 I guess I should have 🙂
    I love Top Gear, and not because of the cars, I don’t even have a drivers license… 😛 It’s just a funny show 😉

    1. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone! You know it’s supposed to be a secret!

      I never thought I would like the show. When I first met the boy he talked about it all the time and finally convinced me to watch one episode, and I was hooked! I am kind of a car girl myself, but I wasn’t interested in taking on a new car show because they are usually rather boring…but Top Gear is just genious. I love it!

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