Buy My Truck!

So, I’ve been browsing ads today in search of a used truck.  I’ve wanted a truck since the day I got my learner’s permit over 15 years ago and since I’m currently in the market for a new vehicle, logic dictates that I would instantly look at trucks before cars.  I’ve driven small “cute” cars my entire life and I’m ready to step up to the big leagues and get myself a real, “Texas”, vehicle.  Not that I don’t love my little Suzie, she has been an AMAZING little car, but our time together is quickly coming to an end and I soon must bid her adieu.

It's nothing personal Suzie..honest, I swear...well....maybe if your freaking A/C worked....
It’s nothing personal Suzie..honest, I swear…well….maybe if your freaking A/C worked….

So, when looking for a new vehicle in today’s age, the first thing one must do is go to Craigslist. (It’s a requirement, didn’t you know that?)

Oh Craigslist, dear, sweet, Craigslist, you never fail to tickle my funny bone.  It’s no secret that people selling used cars will tell you just about anything you want to hear just to offload their troubles.  Why do think used car salesmen have such a bad reputation?

That being said, some people will be brutally honest with you, while others seem to think that they are the masters of sugar coating.  Apparently the fact that the motor is sitting on the ground next to the vehicle is completely forgiven when you insert the statement “Super clean interior and exterior, ice cold A/C, CD Player, Power locks and windows.”  Because, at the end of the day, that’s what really matters right?  I always wanted to sit in my driveway and enjoy the air conditioning while listening to New Kids on the Block.  Actually driving the vehicle is soooooo over rated!

Anyways, I thought I would share with you all a few of my favorite finds of the day!


1997 ford f250 lariat 5.4 engine , 4×4, automatic tranny, 490k, the motor runs ,but runs bad ,so don t expect to drive it home

Okay…I live in Texas, Texans like our trucks.  We use our trucks for everything.  We live in a big state, therefore we drive, A LOT.  So I’ll forgive the 490k miles (only briefly) and move on to the last statement which actually made me laugh out loud for real.  So…ummm….if I buy this truck, where exactly am I supposed to drive it?

Truck does run, but still needs a little work to be street legal.

Street legal…pish posh, who cares about that?  I like living life on the edge!


But the A/C and radio work!!!

And my personal favorite…

Rebuilt motor with 50k
Rebuilt trans with less than 1000 miles
Pump went out on the trans and it wont go into gear
Done messing with it…Will consider trade for years supply of fishing equipment and beer

Ummm, I already see your problem.  When you rebuild a transmission, you probably shouldn’t do so while drinking a years worth of beer.  Are you sure you put a pump in it and not your tackle box?  I would check that first, it might save you some money.




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