I’m a Benadryl Mommy!

So, the parents came this afternoon to pick up their dogs, I went out and had a good dinner, and got a Redbox movie.  Sounds like the makings of a perfect, relaxing evening right?


You all forgot to factor in one huge factor.  My dear, sweet, lovable, never causes trouble, Winston.

I have to start off by giving Winston mad props, the entire time that our house guests were here, he really was on his best behavior.  Seems he’d been storing up all that orneriness for the moment that his Aunt Freeway and Uncles Cheech and Chong left.

I guess he thought he was helping; he started by continuously pulling clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper and bringing them to me.  Obviously he was saying “Mom! There’s clothes to be washed, get to it, chop, chop!”  But let’s be honest, it’s been a long week and I really had no desire to wash clothes tonight.

After I finally convinced him that there would be no laundry washing tonight, he decided that he needed to inform me that the water bowl was only 3/4 full.  That’s unacceptable in his eyes, water bowl should always be 100% full otherwise the remaining contents should be dumped on the floor for me to find, unknowingly, as I step on the slippery kitchen floor and find myself hurtling towards the ground.

After two and half years of “life with Winston” I have learned to deal with most of his shenanigans, but tonight I just wasn’t feeling it, at all.  I just wanted to sit on the couch, sans dog in my lap, and watch my movie.

So, I did the only logical thing there was to do.  I gave him doggie Benadryl.

I know, I know, people go to jail for “doping” babies but this was a serious matter I was dealing with.  It’s not like I make a habit of it….yet.

The sad thing is, Winston’s orneriness is of the highest calibre and the suggested dose for a dog his size really had no effect.  So I was forced to continuously pause my movie and throw things for him to chase and destroy.

Life with Winston lesson #243:  Benadryl has reverse effect on high strung, pig faced, but insanely sweet bulldogs.

Success at last!!!
Success at last!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m a Benadryl Mommy!

    1. It’s really funny how they all have different personalities…as annoying as it can be, I like that my kiddos have quirky ideas about things!

      1. I think it’s amusing too, except when Saleem empties the water, right in front of the little ones… Wups, it was half empty already 😛
        I have been trying to explain that to my boyfriend as well, if its not filled up at all times, it’s the same as if it was empty…. he doesn’t seem to be able to predict what’s going to happen though, he is always surprised… 😛

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