What a Week!

Soooo…this is more of an update than anything else, but I’ve actually gotten a few messages wondering where I’ve been.  Sheesh…you miss blogging for ten months and people think if you miss a couple days you’ve fallen off the planet.  That’s good I suppose though.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is, I’ve had some super long days this last week or so, and on top of that I’ve been dog sitting three of my parents dogs, yes, on top of the three I already have….six dogs, one Sam…you do the math!

Anyways, the biggest problem that is keeping me from blogging is my mom’s two boston terriers.  Not complaining about them at all, they have been really good (aside from one of them destroying my race car firework thingy I bought yesterday, yes mom, I’m still mad about that! I was so looking forward to my race car) but the problem is…these dogs take lap dog to a whole new level.  Like, if you so much as have one eighth of a lap available, they have to be in it.  They don’t care where you are either: chair, couch, desk…toilet.  No seat in this house is sacred with the boys around.

So, that being said, it is absolutely impossible to sit and type anything, much less try to be creative at the same time.  Seriously, I’m literally standing up right now just to get this message across.

They come tomorrow to pick the little twerps up so fear not, regularly scheduled programming will resume this weekend…I promise!


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