I’m Always Last to be First

June has definitely proven to be a month of firsts.  I killed my first wasps all by myself a couple weeks ago, last weekend I went to the movies all by myself for the first time, tonight I went out to an actual restaurant all by myself for the first time, and while there, I watched my first NASCAR race.

Considering how much I adore my alone time, I suppose it’s rather odd that I haven’t done these things by myself before.  But they were all good experiences (even the wasps killing) and I felt good about myself in the end.  The movie was a little awkward because I chose a cartoon, I LOVE cartoons, so I felt slightly out of place in there, a grown woman without any munchkins, but no one turned me in for being a pedophile so I reckon it turned out okay.

However, of all the firsts I’ve experience this month, this one takes the cake.  This is definitely the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this.

Source: Texas Storm Chasers, however it was really just posted on my Facebook page by one of my friends
Source: Texas Storm Chasers, however it was really just posted on my Facebook page by one of my friends

I’ve made a few posts about bugs the last few weeks and now, I guess, you see I am justified in my complaints.  I normally don’t mind the bugs, but this year they have been ridiculously horrible.

I even have a spider living in my car.

Hold up, let me say that again so it will sink in.  I have an 8 legged member of the arachnid family who has straight up taken residence in my poor little Suzie.  Homeboy has been there for two days now.  He’s weaved quite an intricate web between my dashboard and passenger seat and he’s been sitting in the exact same spot for the last two days.

I know what you are all thinking. Just take the web down, right?  But I have to say, I have some comfort in knowing that he is there.  Because if I take the web down, he will crawl off and I won’t know where he is.  At least with him sitting happily in the middle of his web, I know where he is.

I’m afraid if he’s stays much longer I will have to give him a name, and perhaps start giving him some sort of allowance.  If I take care of him, does he become a dependant that I can claim on my taxes this year?

I’m not exactly sure what he expects to catch in my car, though so far he has managed to catch a paper straw wrapper.  Maybe he has a sweet tooth.  Regardless, I reckon I’ll just let him chill in the passenger seat of my car for the time being, maybe I can train him to eat bees.


3 thoughts on “I’m Always Last to be First

  1. okay I won’t complain about the rain again… B) I am so glad we don’t have that many insects 😉
    As for your spider friend, I’d leave his web too… Spiders only get creepy once you know they are there and you can’t see them anymore 😉

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