Fish Are Friends, Not Food…Humans on the Other Hand….

First of all, I have several new followers so let me just start by telling you all a huge not-so-secret secret about me.  Yes, I have dogs, yes, I love dogs.  Yes, I have horses, yes I love horses. Yes, I pretty much love all animals(especially baby pigs)…except bees.    However, as cute and kissable as baby pigs are, and as loyal and loving as my dogs are, one group of animals stands alone as my absolute favorite animal on the face of the planet.

(I can hear my friends groaning…”Oh God, here she goes again…)

Are you ready for it?

Are ya sure?

Okay…here goes.


Yes, sharks.  Those ill-behaved, ravenous, snaggle-toothed, MAN EATERS!  I love them.  I think sharks are the absolute coolest animal God ever made.  And yes, I’ve seen the latest commercial out for “Shark Week” – the one that has made quite a stir- the one that shows “Snuffy the seal” being devoured by a shark as he is being hoisted back into the wild after rehabilitation.

Yes, I laughed.  Is that bad? I’m sorry, have you not met me yet?  Hi! My name is Sam, and I’m apparently one of the most cold-hearted people on the face of the planet.

Anyways, I’m totally off base, I’m not here to talk about that commercial.

It is that time of year when our TVs and computers are flooded with news of shark attacks here and there.  It’s already started with an event that happened in Pacifica involving a man in a kayak.  Apparently a shark swam up under a fisherman in a kayak, grabbed the boat, shook it back and forth, let go, swam around in a circle, and disappeared.

People…when are we going to learn?  Seriously?  Did you not watch “Finding Nemo”?  Bruce tried to clue you in.  “Fish are friends, not food” obviously means “we are giving up sushi for something more yummy, like…oh I dunno, HUMANS!”

I get it, beaches are fun, fishing is fun, swimming is fun.  Sharks obviously agree.

And for those of you who have yet to see this….


3 thoughts on “Fish Are Friends, Not Food…Humans on the Other Hand….

    1. Haha…Some commercials are pretty good but for the most part I ignore them. This one has a lot of people angry though, apparently they think it was tasteless…whatever…people should get a life!

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