I’m Having a Baby!

I’ve really been in a funk these last couple of days.  In fact, I even wrote a long blog about how I’m a cold-hearted, emotion-less person who hides everything inside until it finally explodes.

I started to post it, but since I’ve been somewhat un-funny the last few days, I decided to “86” it…probably for the best!

On to bigger, better things….my Adrianna post yielded me a large number of new followers.  I can’t decide if I’m happy or creeped out about this.  I’m still trying to figure out which of the search words would be justifiable in saying that this new class of followers isn’t a bunch of nymphomaniacs, but quite frankly, there really isn’t one.

That being said…WELCOME PERVERTS!  I can’t wait to let you all down (pun fully intended)!

Seriously though, I apparently reached a new milestone in followers because WordPress felt it necessary to notify me of my recent upward shift of minions.  I guess I better put my big girl panties on and try to use the rest of this wasted space with something exciting and useful, lest you shall all run away.

OOoh…Oooh!  While we are talking about sex crazed maniacs, I guess now’s as good a time as any to tell you all the good news.

Yes!  I’m having a baby!*

Don’t believe me?  It’s true!  How do I know this? Because Facebook told me so!  If it’s on the internet, it has to be true right?

For the past month or so, every time I log in to Facebook it shows me this ad:


I’m glad Facebook knows more about my body than I do, I would hate to be one of those crazy girls who tells her story on “I was pregnant and didn’t know it!”

So thank-you Mark Zuckerberg, for creating a site that is more in tuned to the human body than humans themselves, just for your geniousness and ingenuity, I just may make you my child’s godfather!

*Since my mother and boyfriend are probably both dying from a heart attack as we speak, I feel I should add this disclaimer to let everyone know I am NOT really pregnant…that would be horrible…y’all know how I feel about kids!


3 thoughts on “I’m Having a Baby!

      1. haha sorry, don’t take it the wrong way, but people do keep having babies, and I was kind of hoping that you would be one of the sane ones left 😉 hehe

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