Fair warning, for those of you that come here for comic relief.  I’m feeling tired and uninspired tonight so this is going to be a rather random post tonight and probably not all that entertaining.  Hopefully you will enjoy anyways, and if not, I do hope you will return in the future and see that this was not the norm tonight!


First things first, I walked into the barn this morning and found this…

AAACCCKKKK!!! She's stalking me!
AAACCCKKKK!!! She’s stalking me!


I have to confess,this totally made me stop everything I was doing and just take a minute or two to laugh.  I love that people enjoy my blogs, whether they be people I know or not, I just like to know that someone out there somewhere is reading my posts and maybe something I said made their day just a tiny bit better.

Enough with the inspirational mumbo jumbo…that’s all you get folks!

I really don’t have much to talk about today, honestly the only reason I’m even blogging tonight is because I needed an excuse to post that picture.

So why not continue with pictures?  I tend to take pictures of just about anything so, as I was searching for the above submission, I found some pretty random pictures in my phone.  Let’s have a look at ’em….maybe we can have some fun huh?


I really probably shouldn’t share this one with you, it’s pretty darn pathetic if I’m honest.  This was my pantry about 2 weeks ago.  A result of my sheer laziness and denial to go to the grocery store.  Sadly, my fridge looked even worse.



I’m not afraid of snakes really, if I have to I’ll catch one…one of the nicer ones.  That being said, I’m pretty darn glad this guy died before I got a chance to meet him.  It’s hard to tell from the picture but this is not your cute little garden variety snake.  This sucker was HUGE and though I’m no snake expert, based on the fact that this guy was in the creek and I know for a fact that there are water moccasins in there, I don’t think he would have been one of the friendly guys!



I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s just not quite right here….hmmmmm….



I literally stopped in the middle of the road to get a picture of this guy. This isn’t one of the horses at our barn, but I just love baby leopard appys…I had to stop and look at him.




I actually wrote an entire blog on this picture but it just never felt right.  This is what happens when you drop a brand new bottle of laundry detergent on your kitchen floor.




My kiddos pretending to be super heroes!

And finally…..

A scary close up of Winston…everyone run in horror!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!




3 thoughts on “

  1. hehe I got to ask, your superheroes, how do you get them to keep their masks on? My superheroes blow each other’s covers instantly…. “Hey there, there is something stuck on your face, let me get that for you….” takes them about three seconds to unmask each other…. !
    And the spotted foal, oh my, I would have stopped too, it’s adorable 😉

    1. I really have no answer for that…other than I’m just lucky I suppose. It’s been a long time since I’ve used masks and when I put them on, they both stared and grunted at each other as if they were saying “Hey! Who are you? I’ve never seen you before!”

      1. haha I wish mine would just do that, but no, I always end up giving up on the masks, after three days of finding four masks burried in the far end of the pasture or drowned in their water, or hidden any random place, I would never imagine they could leave it 😉

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