There’s a New Terrorist in Town

It was brought to my attention last night that there is a new breed of terrorist on the streets (literally) these days.  Consider this my public service announcement in order to inform all of you so that you can be on the lookout for these nasty little threats to our well being.

The scary thing about these new terrorists is that they look exactly like you and me.  They come in many different forms, the most common being:

  • Little boys riding their bike down the street
  • The mail man
  • Stray cats
  • Every single car that drives down the street


  • Each and every one of your neighbors

Thankfully, I have managed to avoid attack from the terrorist as I have my built in alarm system that has saved me from each and every attempt made against me.  The system itself has a somewhat long name:



Members are

Alerted of





I suggest everyone have one of these alarms systems installed.  They are highly efficient and do NOT miss a single activity going down the street.

DO IT!  Your life depends on it!


This house protected by MAMASUE alarm system.

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