Three Weeks to Thirty!

The title is pretty self explanatory.  Three weeks from today I will say farewell to my 20s forever.  I plan on doing this with grace.

Growing up, I was always the youngest of my friends so that being said, I’ve seen many of them hit this mark earlier in the year or last year and so far, none of them have had a nervous breakdown, that I’m aware of.

I’ve always heard that “your 30s will be the best years of your life” and seeing that the last half of my 20s were, without argue, the best years of my life so far, I can’t imagine what the next decade will be like!  If I have one single fear related to this upcoming birthday, it’s that I’m terrified it will be too good!  Is that possible?

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I will no longer be able to check “24-29” on certain questionnaires, nor am I exactly where I wanted to be by this point.

We all have dreams as young ones and with the huge imagination I had as a child, I was definitely no exception.  If you asked me 20 years ago where I would be by now, this is just a glimpse of the things I would have accomplished:

  • 4 years ago I would have graduated from Vet school and would have started my own practice
  • 5 years ago I would have been married
  • 2 years ago (despite my distaste in children) I would have given birth to my first and only child, however, the likelihood of twins is very high in my family and it was always considered a huge possibility….nevertheless, it didn’t matter how many I had at once, I was only going through it ONCE
  • 4 years ago, my husband and I would have purchased a beautiful ranch house on thousands of acres where we raised horses and cattle(but never sent them to slaughter)
  • 8 years ago I would have purchased a huge plot of land somewhere and started a wildlife conservation center
  • 3 years ago, after getting my Veterinary practice up and running, I would have handed over the majority of the control to my partner so that I would be able to go back to school and continue my studies in marine biology, at this point, I would have been traveling the world’s oceans, catching, tagging, and tracking sharks
  • In the next upcoming months, I would have expanded my wildlife rehab/conservation center to include part of the gulf, where I could rehabilitate marine mammals and sharks
  • 8 years ago, I would have joined the college basketball team and continued to play throughout my entire undergrad career.  Upon graduation, I would go pro, which would help fund my Doctorate as well as the wildlife center and the big ranch house
  • 2 years from now, I would have retired from playing professional ball and devote dmy time to my work and family

I guess it’s safe to say that pretty much none of this has occurred however, I can’t be upset with myself, I have a little to show for my 30 years on this planet, just in the last decade I:

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  • Became a home owner
  • Proved to myself that people really can change
  • Got my first dog (My Piper!)
  • Got my first horse
  • Raised my first foal
  • Raised a puppy on my own (not sure how successfully!)
  • Bought my first brand new car
  • Taught myself how to cook
  • went back to school
  • learned to love myself
  • learned to control my emotions and be the person I want to be
  • learned to let my guard down, forget scars from the past, and allow someone to reach my heart, because of that I met the most amazing man who truly makes me feel like I’m special

Yeah, so, I’m not exactly where I was supposed to be by this point in my life but who cares?  Looking at these two lists side by side, I’m pretty sure I would choose the second one and do it all over again!

So, for the next three weeks, I’m going to enjoy what life has given me so far and continue to look forward to what it has to offer.  Farewell 20s, come on 30!


5 thoughts on “Three Weeks to Thirty!

  1. I think you should have become a vet though… so I could ask you all kind of quistions about my horses none stop 😉

    But don’t let your friends fool you, turning 30 is horrible 😉 Good luck 😉

    1. Haha….well I’m working on becoming a Vet tech, they pretty much know everything the vets know they just don’t have the title. That’s still a few years coming though…so give me some time!

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