Hi My Name is Sam and I Hate Kids…Can I Be a Camp Counselor?

If you haven’t noticed already, my blogging frequency has decreased quite a bit lately.  There is a good reason for this.

A lot of things have changed with me recently, changed for the better really.  The main reason I started this blog wasn’t because I wanted the “experience”, the true reason was I was ridiculously bored at my job day after day and needed something to do to pass the time.  So in an effort to look busy I started writing blogs and the boss never caught on.  Well, after 5 years of miserably sitting behind a computer doing the same thing, day after day after day, I finally took a leap of faith and quit my job.  I have a new job now, playing with horses and dogs all day long, cleaning out horse stalls, feeding, walking, exercising….it’s hard work, a lot of manual labor and I LOVE it.

Obviously with the new job, I don’t really have much time to write during the day and to be honest when I get home, if I have free time, I’d rather spend it doing something else.  I still love writing but I just don’t want it to become something that I feel like I have to do.

Anyways, enough of that…let’s talk about something fun.


I’ve made it no secret that I’m not overly crazy about children.  I have nothing against those of you who like the little critters, in fact I have the utmost respect for you.  So imagine my surprise last Sunday when the preacher’s wife approached me and asked me if I would join them an be a sponsor for the upcoming youth camp.  I wasn’t shocked that she asked, no, that’s to be expected, what shocked me was the fact that I said “yes” without the slightest hesitation and actually was (and still am) excited.

I heard the words: canoeing, hiking, archery, swimming, fishing, and camping and failed to hear the all important words: kids and ages 5-18.

So in two days I will be piling into a car with a handful of whippersnappers all ready to go to camp and cause all sorts of trouble and I’m the one responsible for making sure they don’t kill themselves (or more likely, keeping myself from killing them.)  It should be a very interesting 4 days of my life.

Wish me luck!


13 thoughts on “Hi My Name is Sam and I Hate Kids…Can I Be a Camp Counselor?

  1. First of all, congrats on finding a job you love. Not many people can make that claim. And second of all, you’re going about the whole kid thing perfectly. You have them for a few days, and then you pass them back to their parents, who may or may not want to reclaim them. Good luck. I’m sure they’ll be lucky to have you as a camp sponsor. And I’ll even wager to say you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

    1. The good thing is I go to a pretty small church so it won’t be a huge amount of kids I have to keep up with. I’m still pretty excited about it, just to get away from reality for a couple days if nothing else!

  2. You can always come help me too! I am the DIRECTOR of a summer day camp & we averaged about 50 kids just for this first week!! 🙂 So far so good though, no one got hurt, & nothing was broken! That makes it a good week in my book! Have fun & call when you are this way… maybe we can go have Taco Villa! =)

    1. Thanks! It’s hard work but I’m loving it. I get to bring my horses up there and stall them too if I want, which I may do because they have a great facility for training and stuff. I don’t have a round pen at home and really need to get a couple of them in there and work some kinks out!

      1. : ) Did any of it involve gum in your hair or chasing kids up trees?

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