Call Me Maybe?

Last night was a rather rough night for me.  I was still feeling sick from the night before and insomnia was running rampant amongst my brain.  I had about five million thoughts racing through my head all at the same time.


It didn’t help that I had a little ear worm make his way into my head.


If you haven’t heard this song, it IS rather catchy no matter how “teenage drama queen”-ish it is.  I am, of course, speaking of this Carly Rae Jepson song “Call Me Maybe”.


So if you haven’t heard it, it’s basically this girl that takes a chance on this guy she’s just met for the first time, she thinks it’s love at first sight and gives him her phone number and tells him to “Call me maybe’>


I’m sorry; I just can’t take this song seriously, at all.  Not because it’s teeny bopper-ish and immature, not because it’s sung by some Zoey Deschanel mini-me, and not because at the end of the video the guy she is chasing turns out to be gay.  No, I can’t take it seriously for one simple reason:


Who in the heck CALLS nowadays?


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I think if she would change the lyrics to “Text me Maybe” I might be a little more inclined to consider the validity and sincerity of her message.  I even have facts to back up my point!  According to a September 2011 survey, one in every three texters would prefer to text instead of call someone or speak face to face.  I’m sure by now that statistic is even higher.


I have to say, I am most definitely one of the people who would much rather text.  I HATE talking on the phone and I despise face to face interactions even more.  I’m far too introverted to find myself being comfortable in situations like this.  Texting allows me to take a few moments to put my thoughts together, make them appear intelligent, and hopefully be perceivable as someone who knows what she’s talking about.  If you put me on the spot, however, I will stammer and stutter like a blubbering idiot.


I’m like this with everyone I know.  I would much rather carry out a ten hour text conversation as opposed to fifteen minutes on the phone.  I’m sure anyone that has had the misfortune of being on the phone with me for more than five minutes has had the displeasure of hearing that annoyance in my voice.  I just don’t like to talk on the phone!


What do you think?  Do people still call each other when they have the option of texting?  Are you a caller or a texter?


13 thoughts on “Call Me Maybe?

    1. Same here! I never have been but I wouldn’t be shocked to one day be that person who is texting someone sitting next to me instead of speaking.

  1. I have never enjoyed talking on the phone. My in-laws joke to not bother calling our house, because I’ll likely not answer. I always thought I was just weird that way. But now that I’m learning more about introverts, I find there are others out there like me. How wonderful! And yes, I prefer text messaging. I think it was made for introverts like us. 🙂

    1. I think society may be leaning more towards becoming introverted as a whole. I mean look at just a few years ago when online messengers were all the rage, that’s just about the only way you could contact someone. I’ve heard people say that it’s a downfall that people won’t speak to each other, I dunno if it’s really as bad as they want to believe it is, as long as we are communicating, what does it matter?

      1. I agree. I think that much of the fuss made about lack of face-to-face socialization is just that–fuss. The majority of us still interact in the real world, still remember to use our manners, and still manage to use our voices. 🙂

  2. I’m a texter… and my circle of friends even do text each other when we are together, mostly to ask stuff like, “does she know that yet?” “Can we speak of that thing that happened, or should I keep my mouth closed…” We have been texting behind each others back for years…
    That said, I don’t mind speaking on the phone as much as I used to, I even find myself loosing patience with the texting if I need to say something important quickly.
    But if I should speak to a stranger, like in that song, which I have luckily never heard of, I would always text them. Always. Because, like you say, it gives me a chance to take a moment and figure out what the clever thing to say is, so I won’t leave a bad first impression by stumbeling over my words…

    1. I will be happy to give you a youtube link! I think you need to be exposed to this song! Haha.

      But seriously, I guess I lied, I have been guilty of texting someone in the same room as me to as opposed to “whispering”, it’s not AS obvious if you play it off correctly. I’m the other way around, when I was younger I would stay on the phone for hours talking to friends, so much so that my parents finally gave in and got me my own number because they could never use their own phone, now I don’t want anything to do with it, I don’t even like calling and ordering a pizza!

      1. haha I don’t like calling for pizza eother, thats a stranger 😉 and no thanks, I think I’ll live a much better life without a you tube link 😛

      2. hmm… somewhere where I am feeling quite alright by not knowing a song that seems foolish and sticks on your brain 😉 I have enough of those 😉 haha

  3. Catchy tune for sure, but also cheeseball lame. As I spend much time talking on the phone for work I prefer texting in my social life. If a phone call is invovled outside of my work life then its straight and to the point – I am not for chit chat. Tell me what you want, I’ll respond then we click end call.
    The song should probably be entitled Facebook Me? When it comes to the dating scenario I think texting is more common at the opening flirting stage for fear of rejection or sounding pathetic. You can hide behind a text much easier than in person or a call. Once it gets beyond those steps any guy worth his salt should pick up the phone, dial and ask the girl out on a date.

    1. You do have a valid point and I most definitely have to agree with you when it comes to a date. I have been asked on a date before both ways and I have to say, the phone invitation was much more genuine and meant more to me.

      I will say, the one person I can talk to on the phone for an extended period of time is my boyfriend. I do enjoy talking to him on occasion though probably 85% of our conversations outside of face to face interaction are via text. He is the only person that I don’t roll my eyes, sigh, or “decline” when I look at the caller ID and see who’s calling!

      1. Funny – the person I speak with for exteneded periods is my mom or dad. I always answer my boyfriend but neither of us are big phone talkers.

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