The Return of Robert

As some of you may remember, I had a brief …misunderstanding….via text message with someone who had the wrong number.  You can read that story here.

This was quite some time ago and I had honestly forgotten about it until this morning when I woke up to see that I had missed a text message at 230.  After last time’s adventure I saved the number in my phone as “Robert’s lover” and when I read the message, low and behold, who do you think it was from?

Roberts Lover:  It really bother’s me that you haven’t made any attempt to contact me

Me: Oh goody, you again!

(I sent this when I got up this morning at 4, normally I wouldn’t text that early but this person obviously didn’t care about texting Robert at 230 in the morning)

(Finally at 9am)

Are you still trying to be a jerk?

Absolutely not, but once again, THIS IS NOT ROBERT

Oh, you’re still pulling that card huh?

Okay, humor me, if I was Robert, how exactly are we related?

Come on bro, you’re killing me here.

Bro?  So I, errr, I mean Robert is your brother?

You’re killing me.  Why haven’t you tried to reach me?

Hmmm, if I remember correctly you told me to never text you again, which means I should probably stop responding to you.  I hate to be rude and blatantly disrespect you like that.

*sigh* you’re really not going to let up are you?  You could at least try to call me sometime.

Why haven’t you called me?  You should try that, then you would find out that I’m not Robert.

It’s not my place, I’m not the one who is being a jerk about things.  It’s your place to call me.

Well, I’m not doing that, if you can’t believe that I’m not Robert then it’s your own fault for being that ignorant.

(Seriously, has this person absolutely no common sense?)

Okay, well here’s the deal.  I’m having a party this weekend and I would really like for you to come.

OOOh parties?  I love parties!  Where at?  I’ll be there!

My house.

Address please?


No.  Oh wait, yes.

I don’t know what I did to you for you to be such a jerk to me but you know what, forget it, don’t you dare show up at my house this weekend.

Oh darn, I was really looking forward to that, I already pulled out my old school Nintendo and Twister board game.  Oh well.

Ugh, don’t talk to me again.

Oh, here we go again!  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury please let the record reflect that the other party contacted me first. I was just sleeping in my bed, minding my own little business this morning when I got a random text from some moron who can’t understand that they have the wrong number.

Wow, you’re really something, you know that?


Don’t talk to me




What are you saying?

That’s me with my lips zipped.

Oh grow up Robert!

Meh, maybe tomorrow.  So what time is the party?


Okay, so I’m really trying.  I actually tried to call the number both from “Robert’s” phone as well as my phone at work and no answer.  I started to leave a message but I figured it wouldn’t do any good, they would just think that Robert got some girl to leave it.

At least it gives me good blogging material!


6 thoughts on “The Return of Robert

    1. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m just going to ignore them from here on out. Actually, I had completely forgotten about this but, my phone has a “blacklist” feature that allows you to block text messages from certain numbers. I’ve already done that so I shouldn’t have to worry about being bothered by Robert’s lover anymore!

  1. I think, I’ve said it before, but I love your sense of humor 😉
    Your phone has a “blacklist” feature??? Uhu, I want one of those… I have been looking all over for one on mine… 😛

  2. Clearly Robert is very interested since he’s changed his number and/or hasn’t tried contacting this girl. You would think she’d learn her lesson, even if you really were Robert and were just being a jerk.

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