Nothing Like a Brisk Country Drive

So I was out driving around last night with the dogs, it’s good for them to get out of the house occasionally I suppose, and we came across something rather interesting.

As I pulled up a red-light, there was already a truck there with a flat bed trailer hooked on to the back.  As I pulled in behind the truck, a girl jumped out and ran to the tailgate.

I think that last sentence would sound a whole lot better had I been able to say “a blonde” or “a red head” however, I can not honestly tell you what color her hair was because when she jumped out of the front seat of the vehicle my eyes were immediately drawn somewhere else.


It seems that this young lady was completely topless.

Now, I’ve been around for awhile and I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff in my life but unbelievably, I’ve never seen this, not in this type of situation at least.  What made it even worse was the fact that not only was she topless, the only stitch of clothing she had on was the bottom half of a bikini (or really colorful panties maybe?).  That was it, no top, no pants, no socks, no shoes.

I couldn’t help but watch her as she ran to the back of the truck and messed with something on the trailer hitch.  I found myself mesmerized.  The first thought that went through my head was “Thank goodness she at least has a nice body!” and she really did, I may be a straight woman but I’m not afraid to admit that I can recognize a hot female body when I see it!

If only I had seen her face….

I woke up this morning still thinking about the incident and wondering what would have possessed her to be driving around completely topless like that.  It was, as I said, the first time I’ve ever been exposed to something like this.  Not that I’ve never seen another female naked, but to see one display herself in public with absolutely no shame was a rather remarkable thing for me.  It made me wonder if I would ever in a million years be persuaded to do the same.

The answer was pretty easy to come up with: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So I just want to poll everyone out there and ask: Has anyone else ever had an experience like this?

Better yet, has anyone else ever done this?


2 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Brisk Country Drive

  1. She is very lucky you weren’t the type to videotape her and put it on You Tube. I’m sure many would!

    I once saw a completely nude man walking down the street in Barcelona. He was completely (and I mean completely) covered in tattoos. But that was Barcelona, although even there he got stares.

    As for me ever doing that? Not in this life time. I don’t even like my husband of 24 years in the bathroom when I floss my teeth. Way too private of a person. 🙂

    Great story. How could you not blog about that?!

    1. Haha, the first question everyone keeps asking me is “did you get a picture?”

      Honestly, it caught me so off guard that I never even thought about grabbing a camera and even if I did, it probably would have been too dark to really see what was going on. I thought about it after the fact.

      People make me laugh, you have to be so careful nowadays, anyone that has a cell phone (which we all know is a HUGE majority of the population) has a video camera at their disposal.

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