I Finally Got my Trail Ride


Warning!  Warning!  The following blog is not funny, sarcastic, or silly in any form or fashion (I don’t think).  I just wanted to talk about my super cool weekend.  No gas station shenanigans occurred, no one tried to force bone-in chicken down my throat, and most importantly, the evil world dominating earthworms have not surfaced and started their diabolical plan.


Okay, just wanted to get that out of the way for those of you who come here for comic relief!  Sorry guys, if you want that, go to someone else’s blog today(I promise the next blog will be funny), at least I warned you!  If you want to hear about my super cool, totally awesome weekend with my horse children, then read on!




I’ve had Cheyenne for almost three years now and this past weekend was the first time that I’ve actually taken her somewhere away from the house and done something fun with her.


There has always been an excuse of some sort or another.  When I first got her, we didn’t have a trailer, then we got a trailer only for her to decide a few months later that she was ready to (unexpectedly) pop out a baby.  By the time the colt was old enough to be left alone, we had sold the trailer and were in the process of finding one.  Then we got another trailer and my step dad wrecked his truck and something tells me my little 4-cylinder hatchback wouldn’t pull 2000 pounds of horse flesh!


It really was one thing after another.


A few weeks ago, my step dad started acting like he was interested in the horses again and decided that we would try to load the horses up and start taking them on trail rides, my absolute favorite thing to do with the horses!


Wouldn’t you know it, once he finally came around; we had one of our lovely Texas week-long rain storms.  I know we need the rain, and quite honestly, I would be fine with it raining non-stop except for one small problem – mud.


Finally, last weekend, everything was a “go”.  That is, until we went to load the horses.


The other horse, Tip, has always been a pro at loading; he will hop into just about any trailer you put in front of him, same with Cheyenne.  So what happened last weekend was the least of my worries.


We loaded Tip, no problems at all but when it was my girl’s turn, she completely spazzed out and was bound and determined that she was NOT getting in the trailer.  We fought back and forth for six hours and finally convinced her to get in.  By then, it was just too late to go anywhere.  I’m pretty sure she knew what was up and just waited long enough to turn a delay into a cancellation.  Little snot!


Anyways, we had something else with the church that we were going to take the horses to on Wednesday night which we thought was going to work out great because I had come over every day prior to work on loading and she had practically jumped in the trailer like it was the coolest thing she had ever done.  I was excited as Wednesday rolled around…until the rain came.


Needless to say, Wednesday didn’t happen so I was forced to wait it out again until the weekend.


Saturday morning rolled around and I was determined that we were hitting the trail.  I came over super early to load, thinking that we were going to have a repeat of the previous weekend.  I grabbed Cheyenne, walked her to the trailer, opened it up and she almost knocked me over trying to get in!  I was elated; it finally was going to happen!


We drove to Lake Whitney, which is about an hour and half drive from where I live.  By the time we got there the horses were ready to be out of the trailer.  The weather was absolutely perfect, good temperature, plenty of sunshine, and just a gentle breeze.


We ended up riding for nearly 4 hours.  Poor horses probably felt as though we had cut their throats.  It did some good to sweat them out though.  And even though they were being asked to do more work than they had in a long time, both of them behaved absolutely perfectly.  I was so proud of my girl.


I’ve been on trail rides before but I never knew how much more fun it would with my own horse.  I’ve always been appreciative for those how have loaned me horses for rides but I can honestly say now, I don’t think I could ever enjoy another trail ride nearly as much now that I know how my girl handles the course.


I just love that girl to pieces.  She’s one of those “Once in a lifetime” horses.  Just being around her makes me feel better.   Anytime I have a bad day, I just grab her out of the pasture and hug her neck or lead her around and she reminds me exactly why it is that I sacrifice the things I do to take care of her.  I can’t imagine my life without her.


I thought I would post some pictures from our ride this weekend.  We really did have a great time and if all works out we are going again on Saturday.  I can’t wait!


She's just happy to be out of the trailer at this point. I know our trailer is ugly, we just bought this one and haven't had a chance to paint it or anything. It's a great little trailer structurally, just not all that pretty!


Saddled and ready to hit the trail!


This is an absolutely beautiful ride.


I love this picture. We saw several cattle along the way and even though she's never seen one, at least in the 3 years I've had her, she never once acted like an idiot around them.
Again, just a beautiful place to ride. I really wish I had a better camera, these pics just do it no justice.


We came across this very protective mama cow and her insanely cute baby. Almost makes me want to get a cow!....but only almost.


I was trying to be creative with this shot but she chose this very moment to ruin it by putting her ears back. Little Snot!

I think you’ll see by the next three pics that I was pretty successful at sweating her out.  It was good for her though!


Dried her out and finally got some of that horrible winter coat off. Poor thing, I think that's why she was sweating so bad. She's still got a lot to lose and if I had some clippers I would probably just go ahead and sheer it all off. Oh well, daily brushing will get her there eventually!



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