“Aren’t You a Little Short for a…” Cowboy?

Today’s blog touches on a subject that always seems to make people lose their skittles.  Apparently the threat of me ever getting married and having babies is far more scary than the very real possibility that earthworms will form an impenetrable military and force their way to the surface where they will take human hostages and turn them into slaves and force them to build the worlds largest mud ball.

Watch yourself...they're plotting something! Photo Credit: folkworm.ceri.memphis.edu

Ummm, okay….maybe I got a little carried away there.  I guess peoples’ fear could be due to the fact that I have never been shy about my distaste for children.  Don’t be offended by that, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having kids and to those of you who do/want them; I have the highest respect for you.  Some of us just aren’t born to love children.

Anyways, the entire idea for this blog stems from a brief text message conversation I had yesterday with the boy (I can call him that now because you all read my blog yesterday and understand my nickname drama).  He had gone to his boss’s house to help move some patio furniture or something and apparently got engaged in a conversation with a five year old girl about Star Wars.  This had be very amusing to him because he, himself, is a Star Wars addict (yes mom, I’m dating a nerd….oh wait…she already knew that).

OKay...I have to admit...this IS pretty cute
Photo Credit: walyou.com

He and I are probably as far apart in interests as one couple can get.  He is the Star Wars, science fiction, audio/visual addicted city boy and I’m the nature loving, mud slinging, horse riding, country girl.  He would rather be out driving his fast car, I’d rather be hitting the trails (though I have to admit I do love riding in the fast car).  We pretty much have nothing in common, though I try really hard (and I think I’m pretty good) at trying to understand and enjoy his interests.  I’ve yet to see him on a horse, however.

Just to give you and idea of how different we are, here is a picture he sent me this morning of something that he just can’t live without…

Who WOULDN'T want one of these in their driveway?

And here’s a random picture that I took last night

Ugh...she's so gross and nasty right now...she could really use a good bath

But at the end of the day we get along pretty well because we are both pretty easy going, have a great sense of humor, and he allows me to make fun of him on my blog!

Okay, back to the task at hand.

This conversation got me to thinking.  I really feel horribly for our child, if we ever have one.  The poor thing will be insanely confused.  Most people worry that their child will grow up to be gay, or want to chase some unfounded dream but our child will never worry about such small issues.

No, our child will be too busy trying to figure out if he/she would rather ride a horse or a rocket ship. They will spend their time trying to understand the difference between a Tie Fighter and a Martingale and will probably be the only kid in their class carrying a Star Wars lunchbox (do they still make cool lunch boxes?) while wearing boots, jeans, and a bandana.

I can guarantee you one thing; my child WILL have a pony.  There’s no debate about this and since I know my boyfriend is reading this, because he is a good boyfriend and reads my blogs, this is fair warning to him.

I just had the funniest image pop into my head of a 4-5 year old girl, trotting through the pasture on her pony, braids flopping under her Darth Vader mask.  Oh this poor child, the more and more I think about this the more I realize I’m doing society a favor by never having children.

Sadly, I'm not shocked by how easy it was to find this
Photo Credit: moddb.com

6 thoughts on ““Aren’t You a Little Short for a…” Cowboy?

  1. I know this was meant to be funny, but here’s the thing. Kids don’t worry about mixing and matching styles and interests unless (and it’s a BIG “unless”) the parents do. You see, kids don’t have a weirdness filter until they get to about third grade …. some even later than that. So I say have at it and let your different styles blend. That’s what makes the world interesting for the rest of us!

    1. I agree completely…except for the fact that I don’t even want kids! lol

      But seriously, you are right, and if the parents never really care, chances are the kids won’t either until society tells them otherwise, if society never cared, there would be a much more eclectic mix of human being running around this place. And I’d be willing to bet we would all be a whole heck of a lot happier!

      1. I’m guessing you don’t want kids because you’re probably not done being one yourself. Can’t put an age on that, but for some it hits in the late 20’s, others a decade later. Over the years I’ve watched every one of my “Never Gonna Breed” girlfriends eat those words. And as a childless 50-something, I’m glad they did because they’ve all become GREAT parents to some amazing children and young adults. Oddly, the ones who professed never to want kids the loudest seem to do it better than the “wanted them all my life” ones. Another thing I’ve observed is that most people who say they don’t want children will (if pressed) admit they don’t like a certain age or stage of child-rearing and therefore, dread it. Thing is, once you have children the years go by so fast that before you know it you’re past the age/stage you don’t like and into one you do. Or so I’ve been told. 😉

      2. My mom actually was one of those that never wanted kids and she’s told me my entire life that I’ll change my mind eventually. I actually did start to warm up to the idea a few years ago then it fizzled! I guess I really should say that I don’t want them YET. I’m a very independent person and I enjoy being able to get up and leave the house whenever I want to and not have to worry about getting little ones together. I’m sure you are right and eventually my maternal instincts will kick in! I guess the way I look at it is, if we decide at some point we want to start a family then GREAT but if not, then that will be fine too!

        And you don’t even have to probe, I absolutely wish I could have a baby, then skip from about 2-12 and then maybe pick them up after they become a teen.

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