Good Lord That’s a Ton of Water!

A couple months ago I came down with a really nasty UTI.  I know this may be too much information for some of you but I’m pretty sure by the time you’re done reading this sentence you will be over it.  I’m pretty sure that it was brought upon by two things.


  • I had gotten into the habit of drinking watermelon sweet tea from Sonic Happy Hour 7 days a week
  • I had gone to a basketball game the night before and drank two 44 oz Coca colas, considering I don’t drink a whole lot of soft drinks, I think it threw my body into shock


I’ve always been prone to kidney infections, for as long as I can remember but this time it was different.  I guess it was more in my bladder and it HURT, not just when I was doing my business but all freakin day long.  Anyways, to spare you all the details, I pretty much swore myself off drinking anything but water.  As soon as I started feeling better I decided that it was safe to get my watermelon sweet tea again(I even blogged about how much I missed the stuff, for those of you that remember that) so I went full force and started getting the giant route 44 every day at Happy Hour.


Things were fine for about 2 days then the UTI decided to rear its ugly head again, and again I had to give up my beloved beverage.


Why am I being so open with all of you?  Well this all occurred sometime in January and here it is March now and I have been drinking nothing but water until the last week.  Last week I made the decision that I would allow myself two watermelon teas a week and they wouldn’t be the giant ones either.  Drinking nothing but water has actually been quite beneficial to me.  I’ve lost something like 10 pounds and though I’ve been taking Winston on mile jogs here and there, I really can only attribute this weight loss to my water consumption.


So yesterday I decided I would see exactly how much water I am drinking and try to see if I could stay close within the Mayo Clinics recommended 2.2 liters.


2.2 liters doesn’t sound like much and considering that I thought that I already drank more water that the average person, I didn’t really think this would pose an issue.


Do you realize how much water 2.2 liters is???


This is the water drinking station I have set up at work.

Basically what I’ve been trying to do is fill up my little pink water bottle twice a day.  I put ice in the glass and transfer the water from the bottle to the glass so that it’s good and cold because I can’t STAND warm water.  The pink water bottle is 32 oz.  I did the math and 2.2 liters is just over 66 oz so even if I drink two bottles worth of water, I’m still slightly under the recommended amount.


I’m learning today that 66 oz of water is an extreme amount of liquid for a human being to consume.  However, I’m trying really hard to stick with it because I can feel it curbing my appetite.  I remember when I was little and I would want a snack between meals my mom would tell me to drink water.  I used to think she was insane but after only 2 days of this little experiment, I guess mom really was on to something!


So I’m going to try to keep up with this, if nothing else, it should continue to aid in weight loss with the 5 bazillion trips I make to the restroom daily!


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