You, My Friend, Are a Big, Fat, MUKESH!!!

You, My Friend, Are a Big, Fat, MUKESH!!!


I know it’s kind of an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t blog more than once a day but given the dreary, down right depressing rant I posted this morning, I feel obligated to lift some spirits.


About a week or so I went off about how America is outsourcing and that I spend my days deciphering exactly what it is that the Indian contacts for the client are trying to tell me.   Well today, during some down time, a friend and I decided that it would be very beneficial if we were to look up the names of our little friends and see if they had any meaning.


Nothing could have prepared us for the hilarity that we were about to experience.


Here is a short list of some of the CSR’s we deal with and what their names mean:


Abhishek male an auspicious bath for a deity, an annointing
Anurag male love, attachment, devotion
Deepak male lustrous
Kailash male a Himalayan peak
Kumkum female vermillion
Navneet male butter
Neeti female good behavior
Pragya female prowess
Rahul male son of lord buddha
Rana male victorious
Sunil male dark blue
Vikas male expanding
Vivek male judgement




Thos are all cool names and all but I saved the best for last.  This is a particularly “dumb” one so the name was absolutely hilarious to us….you be the judge:


Mukesh male lord of the dumb



I’m pretty sure from this day forward instead of telling something they are stupid, I’m just going to say something like “Oh you poor Mukesh” or “You’re a big Mukesh!”


I’m starting a trend!  Won’t you help me?


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