Pixy Stix: AKA “My First Cocaine Kit”

So this morning I was pleasantly surprised with the late Valentine below.


My boyfriend and I have this thing where we tend to “brag” about the free things we get.  We both tend to get free meals from our job on occasion so we are constantly trying to show the other one up.  I have to admit, his meals usually LOOK better just because they come from fine dining establishments, but mine is usually the stuff that people actually want to eat, not look at.  Because of this habit, when this little beauty came across my desk this morning, I felt compelled to snap a picture and text it to him.  I told him that it would help me stay awake today since I had such a long, rough night last night.  (Which isn’t a lie, if you’ve never stood knee deep in a pasture of mud watching 3 colicking horses to make sure they don’t roll, you have no idea how quick 5am came today and how exhausted it found me.)


His response shocked me.  I will save you the entire conversation but it turns out that the boy has NEVER heard of fun dip.


Seriously?  Who has never heard of Fun Dip?  Please tell me that I’m not losing my mind!  Surely we all remember at least one time in our lives when we found ourselves trying as hard as possible to not eat the stick before finishing all of the powder.  I had very little self control when I was younger and usually ended up just skipping the powder completely and eating the stick by itself.


Anyways, as I was trying to describe to him exactly what he missed out on, (which is really not much because I honestly don’t think it’s the best tasting candy in the world) I couldn’t help but think that my description sounded more like a “DIY homemade cocaine kit”.  In fact, the original title of this post was “Fun Dip: How My Cocaine Addiction Started” but then I thought that might lead people to believe that I really was on crack (which I’m not! Just to make that clear, I know it seems like it sometimes but…) and I also remembered the greatness that are known as Pixy Stix. .

A little history about Pixy Stix:


  • They were created in 1952 by the Sunline Company and were originally meant to be a drink mix.
  • The original product was called Fruzola and came with a spoon (Equally as disturbing as the straw!)
  • Fruzola was later repackaged to have a dipping stick and the name changed to Lik-M-Aid (Later changed to Fun Dip)
  • Eventually after changing hands a few times, Nestle bought Lik-M-Aid and began packaging Fun Dip and Pixy Stix under the Wonka brand
  • Pixy Stix come in 6 flavors: Grape, Orange, Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Maui Punch


Okay, so, my knowledge of cocaine is a little fuzzy but I do know that people snort the stuff using straws. Cocaine comes in powder form, the stuff inside Pixy Stix is powder, and it comes in the form of a what?  Oh that’s right….a straw!


Now, I will never claim that I was very smart as a child, and I remember I used to dump all of the powder out the Pixy Straw and attempt to inhale it as quickly as possible.  Pretty sure I still have some sugary goop lodge in my lungs till this day.


My point is; did anyone ever stop to think that maybe there was a design flaw to certain candies of our childhood?


What about Big League Chew?  Remember that stuff?  It was a pouch of shredded bubble gum that resembled smokeless tobacco and came with a picture of a cool baseball player on the front.  Who wouldn’t want to look like their favorite athlete while chewing that stuff? 















And let’s not forget candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars!

Of course I’m not going down the road of those that complain about everything and think that every little detail about something is ruining the future.  I promise that there are far worse things now-a-days that children are subjected to.  I can’t stand the people that try to claim children have learned to hate and harm each other through the assistance of radio and TV.  I never understood why it was so hard to simply remove those things from a child’s life if the parents thought it was damaging their psyche. Rather than sit around complaining about things like violence in cartoons, why not make the kids get out and ride their bikes?  I was an only child and on top of that the only child in my neighborhood.  I remember my mom would FORCE me to come in every night because it was too dark for me to be in the back yard and when it was raining outside, TV just wasn’t entertaining enough.  I didn’t need a whole neighborhood full of kids, I had an imagination and I’m thankful for that creative spirit that my mom made me obtain.  I think I turned out relatively good…and I grew up on Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, and Smarties!

Are these what taught us that it's OKAY to pop pills?

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