Everything’s Bigger in….China?

I just read a story about “little” Chun Chun, a baby born in China.  Obviously there is nothing abnormal about a baby being born in China but, what caught my eye was that this was a 15.5 pound baby!


Now I’ve never had any babies but I’m pretty sure carrying around a little 6 or 7 pound baby can be a little bit of a burden, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a 15 pounder!  What is even more remarkable about this is that the article makes it a point to mention that in the past few years, there have been at least 3 other babies born in the country that weighed 15.4 pounds.


China trumps us again!  The Chinese have long been known to out-do the US in just about every category imaginable. Smarter kids, better technology, better military – seems there is nothing that China can’t do better.  There has been, however, one thing that we have been able to keep a handle on….until now.




Yes, I said it, don’t shake your head at me, we all know that the US has long been made fun of for being the fattest country in the world.  Our fast food lunches and greasy dinners quickly propelled us to our fame.  Americans are fat; it’s just a fact of life.  Obviously there are the skinnier ones but the average American weighs a whole lot more than any other country’s natives.


But if China continues to push out more and more little Chun Chun’s, our reputation just may be at risk.  What are we going to have as a claim to fame once obesity is no longer ours?  Well, I’m sure our government can help with that problem but that’s a discussion for another day.


Obviously I’m just being silly, I’m pretty sure that Chun Chun and his other big baby peers will grow up and be rather healthy and of good weight.  I think in my life I’ve only seen one “plump” Asian, outside of sumo wrestlers, and to be quite honest he was still smaller than most people walking around in my neighborhood.


That being said, I guess our “Obesity Award” is safe for a few more years but I warn you all, keep a close eye on China…they’re up to something!!!


P.S.  I just googled “Fat Chinese Baby” to find a picture for this post and the results shocked me.  Seems there is no shortage of fat Chinese younglings…then end is near my friends….the end is near.


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