Dear Mr NFL Player: Can You Please Play for More than 10 Seconds at a Time?

A week or so ago I posted Super Bowl, Super Bowl, How I Love Thee and talked about how I really am not a football fan and could care less about the Super Bowl.  I don’t hate the sport; I’ll watch it if it’s on but it’s just not my favorite sport.  The ball is just a little too un-round and un-orange for my taste.  Yes, I’m a basketball fan and I will usually try to make a point to watch a basketball game which is actually why I was just a little peeved at myself last night.


See, I can’t stand “bandwagon jumpers”. These are the people who don’t know the difference between an end zone and a donut yet every time that a big sporting event like the Super Bowl or NBA Championships rolls around, they automatically become experts in the sport.  It really bothered me this past basketball season because I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan and I make no point to try and hide that.  My Facebook is usually blown up with Mavs stuff during basketball season while the rest of my friends may comment occasionally but for the most part, they let me rant and rave and don’t usually butt in.  But this past year, it was amazing how, the closer and closer Dallas got to the Championship, more and more people on my page were suddenly “die hard fans”.  Last I checked, a fan was someone who was with their team no matter how well they were doing, not just when they started winning.  I am fortunate enough to see true fans, at least in the football world; because I am friends with several Dallas Cowboys fans….they have to be the most loyal fans in the history of all sports!!!  (Yes, I went there)


Anyways, back to the point, for whatever reason, I felt strongly compelled to watch the “big game” last night.  I felt as though I was going to miss something if I didn’t.  I must admit, almost immediately, I realized that I could care less about the game itself and only wanted to watch the infamous commercials.  So I developed this brilliant plan.  Since I had a lot of laundry to do and other odd jobs around the house that needed to be touched, I would do my house chores during the game and sit down and watch the commercials.


Sounded like a fool-proof plan at the time…


It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was basically getting nothing done.  Why?  Because football, it seems, literally lasts 5-10 seconds and then someone calls a time out or someone gets injured and it’s time for 5 minutes worth of commercials.  I seriously felt like every time I would get up to vacuum I would have to turn around and sit down and watch the TV again.  I finally wised up and just paused the thing until I finished one chore then would get caught up and pause it again.  I understand that due to the popularity and expensive price tag of Super Bowl commercials, the NFL or someone in the broadcasting field may be tweaking the schedule a little to add for more commercial air but this was just a little ridiculous.


I remember when I was in school and playing sports myself, a coach jokingly told us that football players did the least work of any athletes because their plays lasted about 20 seconds and then they got to sit out for 30 minutes.  Obviously that was an exaggeration and I’m absolutely not knocking football players or saying they aren’t amazing athletes but I couldn’t help but replay those words in my mind last night.


I’m not really here to commentate about the commercials but I did want to make a comment about one of them.  I’m not a big beer drinker; in fact until I met my boyfriend and he introduced me to the world of darker ales I wouldn’t touch the stuff.  But whoever the masterminds are behind the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials are sheer geniuses.  Leave it up to Budweiser to make the end of prohibition something that could almost bring a tear to your eye.  Maybe I’m biased to the Clydesdale commercials because I’m a country girl who loves her horses, but there’s just something about the majesty of those horses that really tugs at the heart strings.  I’m pretty sure that they could be advertising for the local strip joint and the use of giant draft horses would have me bawling like an infant.


I guess now that the game is over we can start looking forward to the next big event which is…hmmm… Valentine’s Day I suppose.  Yay, another one of those holidays that excuses you from your healthy lifestyle and allows you to eat chocolate drenched goodies without the shame of being publicly ridiculed!  Let the diabetic comas begin!



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