Did Anyone Ever Stop to Ask the Cougar if He Would be Offended?

A story came out this afternoon about a new high school in Utah that was trying to decide what its mascot would be.  The student body took a vote and the winning choice was “Cougars”.  After going through all the trouble of nominating and voting, the student body finally decided they wanted the big cat to be their mascot, presumably because of the schools proximity to BYU, Home of the Cougars.


Okay, so what’s so newsworthy about this?  Well seems that even though they allowed the Cougar to be an option for voting, after it was elected, school officials announced to the students that they would not allow it for fear that middle-aged women would be offended.


I thought it was a compliment to be called a cougar, what exactly am I missing here?


Am I the only person fed up with our politically correct society?  I remember when I was growing up, if something offended me or hurt my feelings, I was told to “suck it up” and get over it.  And if one of our peers did something that we found offensive and we whined to an adult about it, we were considered “tattle tales.”


When did we become a society of whining, spineless, snot-nosed… wussies (for lack of a better word)?  What exactly are we teaching the future generation?


Being politically correct is also a double edged sword.  You will always have parties on both sides of the subject that are offended.  Who exactly chooses which side gets to be babied and which one has to “man up”?


Take this for example:


Probably the biggest victim of PC is religion.  Every day Christians are being told that we are not allowed to use God in our every day lives.  We are not allowed to include God in our Pledge of Allegiance; we are not allowed to pray in public, we can’t display pictures of Christ on public buildings.  How much longer before you go to a ball game that doesn’t start out with the National Anthem?


And why?  Because we might offend someone.


Well let me tell you folks, as a Christian, I’m downright offended.  Who the heck decided that Bob the Agnostic’s views and opinions were more important than mine?  Why did I not get so much as an argument?  I’ve been out of school for a few years but I’m pretty sure I remember learning in history class that this country was founded on Christianity.  Yes, we have always been friendly and welcomed everyone that wanted to come but, they have to play by our rules.  We sure don’t have a problem with shipping people back to Mexico if they decide to come over here illegally.  Why?  Because that’s one of our rules.


How is it then that when Bob and all his agnostic buddies come trouncing around, breaking all our rules, we bow down and kiss their feet?  Why do we go above and beyond to make THEM happy?


It’s a pretty screwed up system we got going on here y’all.


I’m sorry if I offended anyone by anything above but…oh what am I talking about?  No I’m not!  If you find anything in here offensive, it’s your prerogative (yes, yours, not mommy’s and daddy’s, not your boss’, not congress’) to bang your head on the desk, curse my name, and never read another thing I post ever again.  And it’s my prerogative to think you are a moron.


3 thoughts on “Did Anyone Ever Stop to Ask the Cougar if He Would be Offended?

  1. Nicely done.

    My kids play high school ball for the Cardinals. The school has had threatening letters from several birding organizations in the past, but we’ve held tough. So far, no word from the Vatican.

  2. It’s ridiculous! You would think that these people supporting certain organizations or groups would be honored! I was taught to be thankful for the praise I was given…sheesh!

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