Time for a Page Review!

I didn’t get a chance to really blog today because I spent most of my free time trying to create “pages”  Those things are not as easy as you think they are.  I spent nearly an hour just getting the pictures placed exactly where I wanted them and they still aren’t anywhere near the way I want them, I’m just tired of staring at it!


So someone please check out my three new pages: 365 days of Macaroni, The Girl Behind the Words, and The 4 Leggers (this one gave me the most grief!) and make my efforts today worthwhile!


365 Days of Macaroni is obviously another shameless plug at my Macaroni Art blog.  I’m gonna get you people to look at that blog if it kills me!


The Girl Behind the Words Is exactly what it sounds like, a very brief autobiography about who I am.


The 4 Leggers is also exactly what it sounds like.  A look into my world of pets and an introduction to Piper, Mama Sue, Winston, Cheyenne, and Stetson.


Tell me what you think!

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