Dear Nobel Prize Committee

Have you ever noticed how after a holiday and long weekend, when you finally do have to return to work, it seems like you are the lone stranger that apparently didn’t get the “memo”?  You show up to work only to find that almost everyone else stayed home.  It would seem that there is some sort of virus that only rears its ugly head around the holidays yet, strangely enough, it is ever so kind to stay away while you are enjoying holiday festivities.   It just sits, waiting to attack and then finally it bites!  The night before you have to go back to work…wouldn’t you know it?

Why has no one researched this?  Where is all of our hard earned money going?  Shouldn’t someone be doing some scientific study?

It seems that it only attacks certain individuals over and over and leaves the rest of us alone.  I think I speak for the rest of us who all showed up to work today after a long weekend when I say, “We are concerned about our fellow co-workers!”  What can we do to help them overcome this horrible disease they have been faced with?

Do the healthy and un-afflicted need to volunteer our time and blood samples so that scientist can study our DNA and determine why the same people seem to be consistently immune to this epidemic?

I think we have a serious issue on our hands here and I am willing to dedicate some blood, sweat, and tears to find a cure.  How do we get research started on this?  I really think if someone smarter than me got a hold of this project and discovered the cause behind this issue and also found a cure, it could definitely be a contender for the Nobel Prize!  I mean, sure, we need to cure cancer and all the other diseases, by all means please continue that research, but I’m sure there is someone out there that has a theory on what causes such a sickness as the one I speak of!

On behalf of myself and all the other people who managed to make it in to work today, I send this message to all of our sick friends who were not as lucky as us:

“We stand behind you and support you through this terrible time.  Now, quit playing hooky and get your ass to work!!!”


Tell me what you think!

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